Voting Dilemma- Reinforced Not Resolved !!

The world is about to witness one of the most decisive events of this decade- the curious game of numbers played at by the electorate in the largest democratic system in its upcoming General Elections between April-May, 2014. Regarding various scenarios, I had written an article early this year, titled Aamjunta’s Dilemma – whom to Vote in 2014 ?

Let’s quickly take a look at how things have changed since then behind the curtains…At the moment this is what an aamjunta in India still largely perceives of the stage being thus set for the big play.

Congress – Its status remains quite unchanged. The party now and then harps on various vote-bank tactics and has started fielding hugely tainted candidates just to retain constituencies based on caste-based votes or the like. So the aamjunta and their concerns are all still ignored !

BJP – There is no remarkable improvement in its lack-of-leadership /vision status. Moreover, of late it has started absorbing back big corrupt ex-members despite ‘stiff’ opposition from its senior leaders and this may awfully erode its image !

Another word of caution for BJP- the mesmerizing ‘Modi chant’ may not work everywhere as is also evident from some opinion poll trends after the party’s Prime Ministerial candidate’s recent visit to Odisha. The state’s Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik who has performed enormously, still continues to reign supremacy. Hearing some lines of Mr. Modi’s speeches during this visit, I personally was rather de-motivated let alone being impressed !!

AAP– It entered the scene with lot of promises and hopes but unfortunately, lost a golden chance at performing in Delhi alone. After forming government there, it started indulging in unweighed decision-making and administratively erroneous methods which are definitely not to be sympathized with lack of time in gaining political maturity. With a good intention, at the beginning it rightly raised several issues against corruption but failed to duly pursue or act upon them and impressively conclude a single big task in that regard. Then recorded in public memory are its usual fruitless efforts of conducting dharnas, andolans, etc. and throwing brickbats at the Delhi Police. As a consequence of its inabilities in governance, now it seems to completely lack any definite set of ideologies for the benefit of the nation as a whole and the temperament to accomplish the expectations of the ‘aam aadmi’. It now merely keeps visiting different states to only criticize respective state governments and generate some easy vote-bank tactics for its ‘aam aadmi’ like riding an auto-rickshaw or a local train.

Wish it got back to its original form and then acted thoroughly on core issues !!

Others – Busy calculating or forming alliances and contemplating creation of a Third-Front which can prove more ruinous !

So for many, the dilemma- ‘whom to vote in 2014 ?’ continues…

Aamjunta – what do you say?

9 Responses

  1. The inclusion of criminal elements into the BJP and Congress will never see India shining.

    As for the AAP, they drive home the point that the BJP and the Congress use Ambani’s planes to travel for their rallies throughout India and both reward Ambani by buying raw material at 8 and 16 times the cost. What they don’t mention is, under the AAP’s Janlokpal what will happen to small business owners who have HAD to give bribes to be able to survive in business?

    At least they’ve taught people that for a democracy to work the common citizen’s participation is essential.

  2. Well……. My dilema is reinforced. The caste based politics in Karnataka is killing me. Cant think now even to go for voting.

  3. Once chosen, none should shun their responsibility and must vote- that’s my plea to everyone. Hope you would agree.

  4. True..all these discouraging moves lead us to believe more and more by each passing day that no one is really interested in ‘desh bhakti’ or ‘desh seva’ – every one just wants the ‘gaddee’ (seat of power) !

    To speak on the debut AAP- well, it had an excellent chance- the ‘aam aadmi’ coming to power so quickly is rare. It could have indeed done a very good homework by focussing on ‘core issues’ in Delhi and then aspiring to prove its mettle at the LS polls. That way, it could have gained nearly the full support of the ‘junta’. But unfortunately it strayed from performances in Delhi and is still busy only criticizing others. By doing this, most of the till-yesterday-hopeful section of our society now fails to take any good notice of AAP, distinguishable from others. Most of its support keeps pouring in from abroad as our folks there may not be well aware of issues at the ground here !!

    Wish all of us good luck with whoever next comes to power…But I am sure the aamjunta’s dilemma will continue till the polling booths !! 😦

  5. @ K Mathur: True. But we also need governance and reforms !

    @ Sundhar R and Rukhshana: A few more weeks still left- so I hope that by then we shall get some clear estimate. Happy voting ! 🙂

    @ Jayanta Tewari: I fully agree with you, though its going to be a difficult choice for many who are inclined to weigh party principles or achievements than just the candidate.
    And I wish Indian citizens currently living abroad could also register their votes via proper government channels !

  6. I’m still with AAP.

  7. It is a crazy political circus that we’ve became part of. Congress as well as BJP are too deep into corruption. While, Congress focuses of temporary minority appeasement and BJP carries on with it’s hardline agenda, things are pretty terrible. AAP, had it not tried being an activist-type party, rather focused on government, then our problems could have been a little less.

  8. Nice observations!

  9. Ideally NDA should form the govt. But tactically Congress + AAP + Third party is not ruled out. My vote is for NaMo.

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