Sunset to Sunset – a Day in IIT

Posted by: aamjunta at Iris on 26th March, 2009

Booms, Myths and Catastrophes of Software Jobs – A Bird’s Eye View From Berth No. 72

Posted by: aamjunta at The Gutsy Gibbon, 15th Jan, 2009

From 11 to 12

Posted by: aamjunta at Iris, 31st Dec, 2008

Bullet Proof Jacket for India, not Blame Games – An Immediate Need

Posted by: aamjunta at Eddieskitchen, 4th Dec, 2008

Shaadi ke Side Effects

Posted by: aamjunta at SimlyMarryZine, 25th July, 2008

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  1. Nice posts. Why dont you write in news papers? Will get more readers and reach (of course aamjuntas..)

    Good luck.

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