Should India Accommodate More Refugees: A Common Man’s View

With the stable and able Government in New Delhi, and with India’s rising importance in world affairs, different sections of many neighbouring and other far-away countries are eyeing for taking refuge in India. Well, if India can accommodate others, it is well and good. It is nothing new for India; India has opened its borders for many in the past, since ancient times !

But how long and how many people can India accommodate ? This is definitely a major point of discussion at present, and many like me must be either debating it at heart (inner voices) or would have at least once thought about it.

Briefly, my opinion on incoming of refugees to India :

During the last General Elections, I am aware of a particular section of a refugee community residing in India since the last 4-5 decades that “conscientiously opted out” of voting because they believed that by doing so, their cause (fight for their political goals) would get derailed, and may even be forgotten by their next generations !

Is that right ?

Well, I think such refugees can pursue their cause (though the political scene of their  country of origin may have changed completely over time and got accepted by many including their top leaders in exile), and at the same time, when they are residing in a ‘receiving’ country and utilizing all its resources (equally as its nationals or foreign nationals visiting the ‘receiving’ country), then they should participate in its Elections. Whether this impacts the ‘receiving’ country’s administrative decisions or political strategies or social schemes, there could be many “key” factors or impacts related to it. What may appear trivial now can just blow up in huge proportions down the line.

The major concern in such circumstances is the “availability and distribution” of Land and Resources (by the ‘receiving’ country), absolutely vital to existence !!!! The resources could be natural or artificial. Let’s note that the same concern is put forth in many western countries while making policies or regulations regarding settlement of permanent migrants and even duration of stay of temporary foreign labourers – individuals or with families !!

In India, we are already burdened by our own population and also by our neighbours since years. Our own people are starving in many parts of the country; then there are other parameters of human development. These needy lives – some are known, some still unknown. There’s so much to identify alone !

Therefore, notwithstanding India’s famed history of tolerance and liberalism, at the present, I think it would NOT be a wise decision by any of our Governments to accommodate “all” the refugees in future, if any !! Since we are already over-loaded, why can’t that graceful obligation towards mankind be now shared by the entire globe ?.. A world sub-body (existing or new, under the vigil of U.N.O.)  must chalk out better, clearer rules and strictly monitor its implementation in this regard. After all, it would be in order to save human races and prevent fast exhaustion of resources of Mother Earth and of the ‘receiving’ country i.e. at a “single” location or region, within and up to which the borders of that mere single nation stretch.

Also, in these matters, I wish Land and/or Resources (natural /artificial) could be traded among affected countries in some form (e.g. carbon foot-prints), at least till a “feasible” solution is sought to resolve any refugee crisis, anywhere in the world ! Perhaps somewhere, that may set up the balance that is much required to s-u-s-t-a-i-n all lives. Human crisis is not always an over-night issue to be addressed; it may hold years of unrest, strife and survival !!!

So, while being generous, let’s also be practical with measured estimations of long-term fall outs and the respective check-and-balance approaches ! Let the rest of the secured world too shoulder this utter responsibility.

What do you opine, Aamjunta?

(Note: This post expresses a mere view of a common man in India. It does not include reference of any active laws or national policies or dialogue processes on international issues, human rights, etc.)

11 Responses

  1. Basudeiva kutumbakkamm is good as long as India can manage its own resources. Sometimes being self is also important and required. Agree with you in general.

  2. Are refugees tradable? What option does a Yajadi have?
    a) Live in Iraq with possible rape(for woman) or death (if man).
    b) Embrace Islam and be front of IS who will kill fellow Yajudi and will face Iraq or US army.
    c) Seek refugee in any other country including India.

    India is not a natural choice as it is not geographically closer to Iraq. What choice does India have?
    a) Say yes to be one of the countries who will help yajaddi.
    b) Say no(or don’t say anything at all).

    Who will trade carbon foot print? Definitely not Iraq. Yajadis have no choice in deciding their refugee status. So Yajadis will suffer if developed countries decide not to trade carbon foot print. Carbon foot print if required should be post condition and not pre-requisite. It doesn’t make mathematical sense to say accepting few thousands to a lakh refugees will create problem in resources where 1.3 billion people are living. Stopping illegal migrants will help better resource management.India can make some agreement with refugees the way it did with parsis.

    With accepting Yajadis and can show its authority as world leader. India can lead effort against terrorist and leader of humanity.

  3. Agree that India is a big nation and becoming the world leader. And agree again that there are problem with many people in and around India. But in my opinion we should not get involved in any country’s internal affair. That does not mean we should watch all the misdeeds happening with other. India as big nation should welcome all those people with open arms.

    BUT, with all theose should and should don’t we think we should prioratize our own requirement and issues. On these points I agree fully with Aamjunta and Amit and I differ with @ppani76. Here is why?

    1. Why do you only emphasize yajadis? Is India a party to all those propblems? No.. Then why India? there are many western countries who are direct party to the problems there. Let them handle them. By saying this, do not think that I do not have any feelings and sympathy for them. My heart bleeds for them.

    But let us think bigger and holistically not for a particular community.

    2. By accepting one community you create same kind of expectations with other communities in our neighbor. In the same logic we created the big mess of LTTE and result is well known. Can we accomodate such things again and again? Come on!!!

    3. It is not a small or big number. The big point is can India influence the global powers to take a decission for these people – at least from human rights point of views? If not then where is India’s super power capability? By accepting Yajadis we are not going to become a world leader, rather will open the pandora’s box of our own problems.

    4. Terrorism and humanity are to be seen holistically also. Most of the terror organizations are created (politically, financially and ..) by many super powers. I think you should agree to this. And we are witnessing the offspring effects of such supports. It was bound to happen. Stop supporting inhuman activities and as PM Modi said in 21st century do not go for increasing border rather go for border-less.

    We have enough problem in India, please help our own people dying everyday in North-East, in Maoist hit areas and caste/religion hate areas. Bring order to our own problems first.

  4. Oh, no!! Refugee and India ! Tell me a single instance after 1947 where India has taken people as refugees, helped them and solved their root cause?

    Tibet – no, it is forgotten
    Sri Lanka – no, messed up
    Nepal – messed up with Maoism
    Burma – messed up
    Bangladesh – forget about refugees, it has even not taken back its own people from those enclaves.
    Afghanistan – does not know what to do
    Pakistan – always ready to help, but where is the help?

    Come on. Be practical.

  5. No.

    Just think – what have we done for our Kashmiri Pandits. They are like refugees in their own country even today!!!!! What super-power are we going to become??

    First resolve their matter, then talk about refugees !

  6. Sensible one and well argumented. But sometimes if possible we can take refugees but should work for a permanent solution for them. This will only keep a balance between the internal and the external.

  7. Agree. No blind support to any one.

  8. No I think not at all.

  9. We stumbled over here by a different page and thought I might check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to going over your web page repeatedly.

  10. In my opinion, India should not entertain such people as we are being sacrificed in many fields due to over population. So it has to be stopped.

  11. Finally, there is some thing good. The Indian Parliament is looking for exchanging the land with Bangladesh. More in the report below

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