The Baffling Flight MH370 !!

First of all, I would like to express my prayers and utmost hope for the passengers and crew…no matter what the situation looks at this hour. Anything is still possible !

Here are some observations that I made based on various news reports and a wild guess- rather say, yet another hope of an aamjunta

According to latest update on the BBC, Malaysia’s civil aviation chief has said that the fate of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 jet remains “a mystery”.

Its more than 48 hours now (in fact almost three days) and no sign of the ‘missing’ plane that was flying well in a fair weather and suddenly fell off the radar- extremely strange and baffling in this age !!

Long oil slicks in the seas – to a layman, that apparently looks like the fuel tank had a massive burst or as experts say, the whole system may have disintegrated in mid-air. In that case, some wreckage can be found somewhere in the seas (on the surface or beneath) or scattered on land mass. Massive efforts are continuously on to locate it thus.

Hijacking or a terror attack on board is also not ruled out because of suspicions arising on the use of at least two fake passports. But as it usually happens in such cases, here no terror group has claimed anything so far !

Stealth technology testing- a very remote possibility !

Another news report mentions ‘flight tracking website showed it flew north-east after take off, climbed to 35,000 ft and was still climbing when it vanished from tracking records‘ – so now comes this wild guess- as a consequence of unprecedented climate changes, did some new gigantic sort of air-funnel or current suck it up and put it up in some trajectory ?!? Then it can surely be traced with the technologies known to us.

Since investigations have yet not found any clue or concrete sightings of the wreckage (neither we should ignore the admitted vast stretch of waters to be searched), I suggest that the scientific world now also starts looking for it in the space above Earth and not just in the seas beneath the flight path ! Without doing all our homework, let’s not merely name it like another Bermuda Triangle- whether myth or fact. After all, man is preparing for a huge leap to Mars !!!

Therefore, at the moment, personally I would call it baffling and not yet ‘missing’ !

Once again, with sincere prayers for the passengers, crew and their families…and best wishes for the investigating agencies.

Aamjunta – what do you say?

16 Responses

  1. hmmm..big mystery indeed!
    Even the ‘extensively reviewed’ imagery taken by American spy satellites have not revealed any mid-air explosion. One possibility is that it might have dived deep into the waters but getting completely off-the-radar is baffling!! And the latest search- ‘a floating yellow object’ hoped to be a life raft belonging to the plane does not seem to be related to its disappearance…mystery continues…
    With hours passing, may be it would not be a bad idea at all to once look up in the sky and make a simultaneous search!!

  2. I hope the mystery will be unravelled soon.

  3. Fingers are crossed, cant understand the reason. Every one is just guessing, no concrete news. Wish every one safe there.

  4. Good that you posted a short and well covered article on this issue. What bothers me is the fraud and identity theft of the passports. Could not understand how can some one steal the passports and travel using the fraud passports when bio-metrics are used. So, where is our security and privacy? Another point which always bothers me the UID-Aadhar in India. Many private organizations were involved in the data collection. So, who will ensure the data security? Can any one answer?

  5. How come so many countries cannot find the Airbus? Koi jadu to nahin! But what is India doing? A super power in this region is just busy with election and corruption!

  6. @ Sitha Srikantha: It is strange that stolen passport credentials listed in the Interpol database could be compromised. But concrete links have yet not been established; there is only suspicion of a possible foul play…So let’s pray and hope everyone returns safe! …Fully agree with you on UID-Aadhar in India; cases of duplicate Aadhar-card have already been reported some time back!! Anyway, since the Aadhar pioneer is going to contest the LS elections this time, hope for better days! 🙂

    @ T.Sridhar: Correct. Here is what the Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid told the media- “I have sent my condolences (to the families of the passengers) and our ambassador (in Beijing) is in touch with them. We are ready to give any help, if required, or share information if we get any”. I think the search areas have been extended up to Andaman but not sure who is doing it.

  7. Hope all are safe.

    I still think something fishy. Some one is either linked or some one mis-guiding the rescue team.

  8. Well.. My fingers are crossed. And I wish they all are safe. But I am really fed up with India’s attitude. Not good taste.

  9. @ Guna: may be…anything is possible. If that turns out to be true, one thing is for sure- we have to admit the prowess of that entity!! Because it is not easy hoodwinking or mis-guiding when the best of advanced technologies in the world are working together in the probe. Just hope all lives are safe.

    @ Sumathy: True. Of late, unfortunately India has been quite silent and/or indifferent on many significant matters!

  10. Very Unfortunate event. Lets pray for those 239 families.

    Technology has developed so much but we should not forget that there is some force beyond human technology. Thats how god created this world.

  11. Quite an Unfortunate Event

  12. The reports don’t seem good at all. Even when they were thinking it maybe hijacked I kind of was happy as some people maybe alive. With the current news updates even that possibility seems bleak.

  13. @ Athenas Take: yes, the hijacking theory though grim bears more hope of life…yesterday, I read a news report saying that the waters there are not much deep to make any clue or sighting absolutely untraceable; but its possible that the wreckage (assuming a mechanical failure) lies strewn far from the scheduled route in case the plane changed course at a cruising height. Now the Indian Navy ships have joined search and rescue operations in the Malacca Straits- fingers crossed! Also, I still feel that some environmental factor might have played a very sudden role in rendering it this ‘vanished’ status,we should also check that simultaneously- just pray and hope the crew and passengers are somehow, somewhere okay !

  14. It is really baffling, I am obsessed with this news story. It is truly a mystery. All of the countries are helping trying to find it and there is still no info! Who knows, it could have crashed in some jungle and those people could still be alive! Will all the modern tracking technology we have, and it is still a mystery!

  15. @ madhmama : May be, the crew and passengers are somehow alive in an unknown island after a stealthy hijack /sabotage of the plane. But till we locate the plane with certainty, I believe rest of the world (including civilians) must be extremely alert..because if any terror hand turns out to be true, then the plane could still be terribly misused !!!

  16. Yes, it is soooooo strange how no wreckage has been found at all? Like how can it just go “missing”? It sounds like that TV show “Lost”! I can’t imagine the families waiting….I hope those people are alive.

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