Mumbai 26/11: Years Come and Go

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Thoughtless Media Reporting and Desperate Political Movements – Tamasha with Terror Attack

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Bullet Proof Jacket for India, not Blame Games – An Immediate Need

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26/11, Mumbai Terror Attack – Clinical Measures

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  1. I am providing what I felt on this great drama of India politics where not people of Mumabi but whole India was taken on a ride by our politicians. Leave alone Home minsiter who resigned or was forced to quit….everyone concerned shows a great formula…TAKE TIME and people will forget.

    Politicians knows that crowd showing unity can be desprsed with ease because it is very easy for them to divide and rule. They know this will not be the scene tomorrow that whole mumbai will be coming back to GOI.
    What I think is..
    1. India should either attack PAK or there should be military rule OR military+ civil rule in India, we can manufacture the module.

    2. We can advocate that CONGRESS should be punshied- but BJP is worse than CONGRESS. What should a voter do ? I think under no corcumstances anyone from these parties should rule India.

    3. This is high time when we should have THIRD FRONT in politics. A party which could have some ideals…some young blood, some thinkers, visionaries.

    Hope this will reach to the core !

  2. I agree with Tanjuja. Whom to vote for? BJP? Congress? Third Front? All are the same bunch of ….

    Third Front is created.. with some many prime ministerial candidates.. Mayawati, Deva Gouda, Naidu, Pawar .. Opportunistic and most corrupted politicians of India in stage 😦

    I still doubt.. will the silent Indian Voter act this time? or react?

    Lets hope for the best.

  3. Very good post, thank you!

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