Azadi – is my right or responsibility?

I completely condemn the anti-national sloganeering at JNU campus ! Particularly, it being an iconic university and the way political parties such as Congress, Leftists and AAP supported it. Ultimately it turned out to be another political agenda of non-BJP parties / supporters just like the ‘awardwapsi‘ !!

A lot of ‘tamasha‘ and ‘dramabaazi‘ – inside and outside the Parliament, in the court rooms, in the news studios, in the main stream media as well as in social media. Just wastage of our time, money and intellectual discourse. Media houses are divided completely based on their political inclinations, not on facts. People on the social media are too divided mostly as a result of their frustrations, political inclinations and common sense.

Surprisingly after 67 years of Independence we are debating over ‘Azadi‘. Like ‘garibi hatao‘ sloganeering this will only become another slogan; only to fool people for votes. ‘Dissent’ and ‘Freedom of Speech’ are being misused only to achieve political goals. It is not being applied where it should be or can be.

Recent acts of certain media houses certainly opens the debate whether the media houses act for the country or against the country !!! Do they only see these events as opportunities to score their political or business mileage in the name of’Free Speech’ and ‘Azadi’ ? Many like me certainly cast serious doubt on this.

Disgusting editorials, opinions and front-page news items only reflect that the self-proclaiming ‘intellectuals’ are ‘intolerant’ and jealous of the development India is witnessing these days. The spirit and language of the so-called elite /educated /intellectual mass has sometimes made me think that I  would perhaps prefer to be uneducated, but dedicated towards the uplift of the society, and preserving the pride and dignity of my country.

However, I am also concerned with the Central Government’s response on this JNU row.

It is not yet a matter of being right or wrong; soft or harsh. But why was this hotchpotch approach and seemingly ‘no-control’ over even basic law and order ?!? Who were these ‘lawyers’ and why did their action repeat even after the SC order ?? Initially why was there no quick and solid directive? Why was a delay in taking action?  Why was then no specific /consistent statements from the Police (under Union Home Ministry) and the Ministry ?  There should have been quick and proper investigations and actions.

All these so contrary… so disappointing, especially when the supporters of the present Central Government are expecting a constitutionally justified, strict and non-sympathetic response… and additionally, some strong provision which will deter such nuisances in the future !

These nuisances and ‘dramabaazi‘ erupting often nowadays, only prove that though this country has a glorious history and unmatched legacy of brave hearts, kind hearts and geniuses, it has got miserably infected with the ignorant mass, the ‘chamchagiri‘ public, the utter selfish, the ‘satta‘ hungry and the traitors !!!!

What worries millions like me is the unwanted, disrespectful dragging of our Armed Force. Media houses, political shouting in the streets of JNU and other so called liberal universities are only pointing their frustration towards our Armed Forces. By calling them rapists, and comparing them with Maoists, these people not only show their low mentality, immature brain, selfish agenda against the nation, but also bring chaos in the society and spread hatred in many sections of it. How can they dare to insult the heroes of our Armed Forces? Is this called ‘Free Speech’ or ‘Azadi’? Are we all stupid to allow such kind of nuisance in the society?

Surprisingly, the same India where the Parliament used to get united against any external complications or aggression as well as internal turmoils, is now getting divided over silly political reasons and selfish attitude of some ‘netas‘ and their supporters. While RaGa has shown his true color after losing election, AK has shown his after winning election.

I am afraid that the BJP may again lose the next state elections – bad for the states, bad for the country – just as desired by its useless opponents, and the new breed of ‘anti-nationals’ who have been otherwise happily sleeping for the last decade over crores of corruption, appeasement, goonda-raj, and non-development chapters !!!

The ‘Make in India’ week lost the lustre on media columns. A rocky Budget Session has already started struggling in order to pass major bills and laws so awfully needed.

Again repeating what I said some months ago : absolutely high time for the Central Government to refocus, reorganize and act differently !

Aamjunta – it is your time to judge the right and wrong. Your action is needed ; not the golden silence.

Jai Hind.

8 Responses

  1. What do you expect from these people? They are intellectual pappus of our country. Just ignore them.

  2. In the name of humanities, only in-human studies are being taught in these universities. Instead of solving the problems of our country, both the faculties and the students create problem. It is high time now. We must defeat these forces. It is not that I am a supporter of BJP, but a common man of this wonderful country. I support the philosophy of AAP, but here I am with the NDA Govt. Long live India

  3. Is the BJP any better than the other parties? The nature of problems may change, but the party has not made any significant difference so far except dividing the nation along communal lines further.

  4. I completely agree. And following lines really made me think twice
    “The spirit and language of the so-called elite /educated /intellectual mass has sometimes made me think that I would perhaps prefer to be uneducated, but dedicated towards the uplift of the society, and preserving the pride and dignity of my country.”

  5. I think people have a habbit of complaining. Most horrible thing in Indian history is our prince RAGA. Neither he understands nor he applirs his brain. Those who are opposing BJP, can they provide any alternative? Come on!

    Agree that BJP supports Hinduism, but where do they oppose other religions? They are much better at least as compared to congress and communists. Do not do any favor to any religion, rather create an atmosphere to coexist.

    Those who are claiming that BJP is dividing the country in communal line, they should do introspection first. What are they doing?

  6. Cool!!!

    RaGa has to grow up to counter NaMo. Who else is there?

    Do not understand what is going on at JNU. Come on. Grow up. Else, people will force you to grow.

  7. Nicely explained…

  8. Quite interesting read. What I understood so far on KK case – KK is the face of Communists and Congress wants to rope on his calibre as RaGa lost his charisma. AAP too warts to milk from this entire episode. Their committee formation was little tricky; to by-pass and to impress the High court judge with miss-information.

    From the future prospective, KK’s future is already decided – MLA/MP at the earliest. And he is going to marry a journalist in the near future. His face will be there in the Election posters in UP, Kerla and WBengal for sure.

    Govt (NDA) is not the loser – They too gained the support of many middle class people and re-invented the tag-line which can counter the Intolerance in TV debates, Headlines and social media.

    Well done India.

    But who are the losers – Media – most of the news channel anchors and news paper editors.

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