As India Votes – Good Luck to Us

Posted on by aamjunta

24/7 News Channels and Opinion Polls in India – do we want this ?

Posted on by aamjunta

General Elections 2014: a Game Theoretic Analysis

Posted on by aamjunta

Voting Dilemma- Reinforced Not Resolved !!

Aamjunta’s Dilemma – whom to Vote in 2014 ?

Welcoming Telangana and Seemandhra – what lies next ?

Regional Political Parties – danger to Democracy and India?

Posted on by aamjunta

Election in Karnataka: a Semi-final or Practice Match before the next General Election!

Posted on by aamjunta

Socialism in India – Some Ground Realities

Posted on by aamjunta

Yes to Telangana – Opening of the Pandora’s Box or another European Union !!

Posted on by aamjunta

Give me 10 Votes, I’ll give you a Bike!

Posted on by aamjunta

Aamjunta (Re)Actions: “Lessons or Atma-manthan”

Posted on by aamjunta

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