Aamjunta’s Dilemma – whom to Vote in 2014 ?

We do acknowledge and understand that for ‘aam aadmi‘ folks to suddenly work on so many responsibilities (simultaneous or not) centred on the capital of India, there is tremendous pressure and hindrances around. But how can any ‘good’ party forget the usual law and order scenario, or even its very own principles ?!? Citizens should remember that nothing can change over-night; so also should any party holding the reigns of power, especially if it has no experience !

There is no point in comparing the present political parties in terms of ideology, political will, presence, discipline, transparency and leadership quality. None reflect any sincere ideology at the level of national consciousness. As an ‘aamjunta‘, I see no party having a true national agenda or any leader having the shades of a statesman. Almost all of them are interested to serve the nation – getting into power or remaining in power is the main motto. And the bad-taste remarks mutually hurled at each other by the political leaders are awfully making the puzzle dirty !!

Aamjunta is really in a dilemma…

Congress (UPA) – mired in multiple and mega scams /scandals and despite having enough time, absolutely nothing was done by it to redress those matters. With their able foreign policy, all our neighbours including Maldives and Bhutan are in ‘tu-tu main-main’ (squabbles) with us. Their idea of Swaraj and Social Empowerment is only limited to Rahul Gandhi’s speeches and their leaders are either busy in the coronation drama or with making derogatory remarks against Narendra Modi.

BJP (NDA) – still inducting back corrupt /indisciplined ‘netas‘ or being completely callous about rooting out corruption. It looks like the definition of India is still limited to some states in the north or central part of the country; with no or diminishing presence in the North-East region, Bengal, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, etc. ; even grass-root level politics is yet to evolve in many such states. Moreover, they cannot rely only on the charishma of Narendra Modi; fetching the magic number 272+ is still a huge task for them ! Major changes or re-structuring their vision should be their prime agenda while preparing for summer of 2014.

AAP – during its initial activism, very boldly raised several issues against corruption but never pursued any single matter to its solution; now the party’s daily stand on administration has made it synonymous with the term ‘U-turn’ !! And the jugalbandi with Congress is somewhat fishy ! Their leaders are still in dharanas, and/or verbal duel mode and their induction process is also not convincing. But the rise of AAP has definitely changed the political equations at the centre.

Third Front – for God’s shake this experiment should NOT be repeated; most disastrous governance in Indian history !! Their rise is definitely a danger to India’s democracy and growth.

If we want to standardize a yardstick in this regard, then (apart from tackling corruption, inflation, etc.) here are some more potential weights for us to assess:

(i)ย Is anyone really thinking of the nation or the society as a whole ? Has any national party or one aspiring to become so yet campaigned in or adequately spoken about the far-flung North-East region of India ?

(ii) How many have considered settling the issue of Indo-Bangladesh enclaves ?

(iii) Has anyone addressed these matters – growing incidents of rapes, juvenile justice system, human-trafficking, acid-attacks, improving care and financial aid for the orphans, old and destitute ?

(iv) Is any leader talking about revamping the current education system in the country ?

(v) How much has been achieved in diminishing judicial backlogs and increasing the police:public and judge:public ratio ?

(vi) What about the health care industry ?

(vii) Where do we stand in our external policy and defence preparations ?

The list can be endless but these are very basic current issues of the nation. Therefore, these must be substantially addressed by whoever wants to come to power or gets it. At this stage even, many ‘aamjunta‘ like me do not know with certainty whom to vote !

Does ‘right to reject’ or invoking ‘Rule 49-O’ of the elections conduct have any meaning ? Not really.

May be, we should be highlighting work of good performers like Mr. Naveen Patnaik, Mr. Manohar Parrikar, Dr. Raman Singh who have done really well; at least, in the recent past, if you consider the limited support and resources that they have got in-hand. Till date, they are not involved in any public spat ! So why don’t we speak in all positivity about their achievements and their desire to achieve more for the mass ? As some would have observed, these three men have known when a leader has to work at break-neck speed and when he has to go slow or even compromise for a greater cause.

Is there any way to give chance to such men at the centre ? Let us not forget for a single moment that what we choose today, we would be rewarding it to ourselves tomorrow and to our next generation(s) !!

Aamjunta – what do you say ?

13 Responses

  1. Thanks for an unbiased post about whom to vote. I am also in same confused state. Hope some clarity emerges in the scenario in coming months.

    Whoever come to power, aam junta will be watching closely! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Very well analyzed aamjunta. This reminds me about our West Bengal politics. No development, and if you open your mouth thdn you are maoist.

  3. After a longgggggg gap.

    Perfectly said. I too do not know whom to support and whom to vote? Not happy with any of these groups.

    You brought Dr. Raman Singh into notice. Really he is a very good administrator, hndling maoists in Chattisgarh is not a small task. And without intelligence. No one speaks about them and their state; every one including the media is busy with Gujurat, Karnataka and UP.

  4. Very well analysed article…

    just to add…what about Secularism as promoted by the parties ? According to their definition, it starts with pro-Muslims – is this what it is supposed to be ? …This definition creates more problems for all communities !!

  5. I agree with you. At this point, every one is talking either in favour of AAP or against AAP. Does this help ? I doubt.

    The way the things are going, I doubt whether any stable government is in card. As you mentioned the possibility of 3rd Front actually frustrates me. Though I have a small crush for AAP, but the recent developments only asked me to step back. BJP needs to do a lot to get 272+

    See how the discussions are going.


  6. Looks like Modi was listening to you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yesterday’s Modi’s talk did answer a few questions that you raised – especially about the north east. Shouldn’t that already answer the question whom to vote? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with Aamjunta.

    @thegutsygibbon – Aamjunta has to keep an eye; and after today’s drama in Delhi, the need of close watch become more important.

    Anarchist!! Is this what we want ? – http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/anarchist-arvind-kejriwal-asks-delhi-to-join-10-day-protest-473369?pfrom=home-lateststories

    @Arobindo – There was a say, “what Bengal things today, the rest of the world thinks tomorrow”. But, is it happening now? Much changed with Didi’s rule!!

    @Nandini – I do agree with your frustration… Lets hope for some thing better in the post June 2014 era.

    @Rukshana – I think you rightly said about the definition of secularism in India. Political parties do not want development of minorities, rather they only want vote in the name of their development. It is like “garib hatao, not garibi”.

    @Shantanu – Well said; the magic number is a big problem for all political groups. The rise of AAP may help 3rd Front or Congress at the centre, if Modi led BJP does not take the challenge seriously.

    @Abhijit – ๐Ÿ™‚ May be, aamjunta has twitted him ๐Ÿ™‚ Most of the questions are answered by him. Lets hope for the best! But they have to do a lot of ground work, which is missing completely at this moment.

    Narendra Modi’s vision and aamjunta’s thinking – http://www.ndtv.com/article/cheat-sheet/narendra-modi-shares-his-vision-of-brand-india-in-5-ts-473075?pfrom=home-lateststories

  8. Very miserable state of affairs in Delhi now with lot of egoism, anarchism, distraction-from-poll promises, etc.

    I suppose there should be President’s Rule !!

  9. With the latest Indo-Japanese tie-up, let us hope and pray for better economy days for north -east India…


  10. Certainly not AAP.
    Others are corrupt, but at least take the responsibility of governance. Here these people think that they are the only honest and have ego – ahamkar to its core. Samarthya and ahamkar are different and should not be mixed.

  11. […] Aamjunta’s Dilemma – whom to Vote in 2014 ? […]

  12. The dilemma continues and we all are only getting looted in the process. As you rightly said, the NDA top leaders need to grow up, so also the AAP leaders. Congress can be better option, if Rahul-baba leaves and MMS resigns.

    Many people thinks that AAP has a lot of top industrialists, academicans, IITians and many more. But that does not make them ideal leader, rather makes a bunch of hardliners, without the governance. They are better at opposition for India. Though I am bit harsh, it looks like as of now.

    NDA with BJP can change their stance if and only if they think for a long-term goal, not short term goals. Apart from this, they are completely marginalized in many states as you mentioned. How can they say that they are going to represent India? A word of advise for Namo – make your history and language right. Crossing limits may change the voting scenes in many states.

    Congress should teach Rahul-baba what India is! He should know that India is beyond Gandhi and the surname will not change the frustration of the people.

  13. So now ๐Ÿ™‚ ? Dilemma cleared! NaMo is there now and lets see how is he performing?

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