Aamjunta starts speaking

Yes… Aamjunta starts speaking. It’s a small baby now in blogging. Like a baby’s initial days of talking, its words are not clear, the blogs are not matured; even then… it will continue in its mission. This is the first blog of its own kind. In the era of Internet, blogs are essential for a complete and healthy life of an aam junta. This is because, amount of time one spends with computer is much more than any other activities. All activities starting from social to business, travel to health, politics to education are carried out through Internet. The humane touch through social gatherings, the tender love through sweet words, the affection and closeness through eyes are missing in every body’s life. Life is becoming a machine, a business to be evaluated in terms of success and failure, a commodity to sell or buy.

How to live then? Where to express one’s views? With whom to share?… the big questions!!!!!!!? very simple, open up your mouth, express your feelings, share your views… through blogs; through which you can reach the hearts of others.

Learn to live and let live…

4 Responses

  1. hum bhi aam junta hai!!

  2. wadiyan/landscape toh acchi hain…par aam junta kab bolenge?

  3. if i may suggest, the topic of discussion could be the Reservations @ IITs. and its impact. Much debated and discussed topic but we can shed light on the impact it will have on IIT as a whole and “has IIT prepared for it”

  4. Many Many Happy Returns of the day Aamjunta. You have completed one year in blogging with anonymity. Excellent work and dedication in writing. I pray god for a successful blogging and writing career in future. May God Bless you.

    A True Fan of Aamjunta

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