Aamjunta of R. K. Laxman: is it relevant now?

Famous cartoonist R. K. Raxman created “The Common Man” through his daily cartoons “You Said It” of the Times of India some time in 1951. It is a comic character and represents the omnipresent observer of Govt., acts, organizations, famine, growth, debate, deals, etc. It is a background character, an average citizen and is a silent witness to every thing that is happening in this world. More than half a century has passed since the “The Common Man” was created. The political equations, the economic scenario, the socio cultural life have changed; more than a dozen prime ministers have ruled the country; blood baths, terrorism, riots have shaken the common man’s faith.

With so much changes, do we want the “The Common Man” to be silent? Is that background character relevant in the rapidly changing world? Don’t we think the common man should react to the anomalies? Don’t we think the common man should take the responsibilities to build a nation of its interest? It is up the common man, the aamjunta, the junta janardan to decide. It will be too late if we don’t act now. Some one has to start, else there will be an infinite waiting time.

It is the time for aamjunta to act now 🙂

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  1. Looks like aamjunta getting very active in all fields. Gud work. Write some articles on present financial scenario.

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