A Psychiatric Fallout !!

Under the new Budget in India, the price of aerated drinks (water with sugar content) has been hiked up by 5 percent, making soft drinks and sugary juices costlier.


Health experts are hopeful that this financial step shall help reduce sugar consumption and thus check obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and dental decay – a theory many countries have begun to acknowledge but brands still profusely dispute !

Interestingly, last year I had a terrible dream : after the last gluttonous sip of a soft drink, I “saw” myself discovering active maggots at the bottom of the glass – and that was the end of all sugary relishes 🙂 !!!

Next morning, as soon as I woke up, I threw the remaining bottles out of the refrigerator. We do not buy any soft drink or ice-creams unless a guest arrives and indicates a desire for it.

Now howsoever thirsty, we prefer plain water. And since then, if we really need to have a soft drink as an accompaniment, only fresh home-made sugarless nimbu paani zindabaad (hail lemonade) ; thus goes our newly chosen flavour with spicy Biryanis and Pizzas as well 🙂 !

For the same “visual pothers” of my dream 🙂 , we have ditched other sugar-containing items and drastically reduced quantities of sweets or amount of sugar in every possible ‘prepared’ item, howsoever attractive – jalebis, chocolates, pastries, ice-creams, tea, corn flakes, milk shakes, cookies, smoothies, cakes, pan cakes, porridges, etc.



Luckily, my husband volunteered to “share” the psychiatric fallout of my dream 🙂 ! So that has now led us to limit our daily sugar consumption to even less than six teaspoons as recently set by the World Health Organization. Normally, I take only one teaspoon – in my morning cup of tea which I definitely require to stir up my day.

Well… my father (who is also a Doctor), tried for years to make me get rid of soft drinks; so he has been very thankful to God for blessing me with that thoroughly health-effective dream 🙂 !!… Now his other routine insistences are about regular exercises (particularly Yoga), a 20-minute exposure to the morning rays of the Sun and having maximally green diets along with natural anti-oxidants. My husband has sincerely met almost all these expectations, whether of his father-in-law or his Family Physician 🙂 , and of late, I am trying hard to partner him in it.

I suppose all health advices, increasing prices or taxes and making rules in these dietary matters aren’t going to help for long… So I wish that my folks who sincerely intend to get rid of aerated drinks and non-intrinsic forms of sugar, also “see” such a loathsome dream 😉 !!! Perhaps, there is no other way by which someone like me can be more motivated firstly, to quit all those unhealthy molecules feeding potential cancerous cells and secondly, to maintain sustainability at it 🙂 !


Hues of Life

A fellow aamjunta‘s brief but introspective account on a social-networking site of a swift and sweet weekend moment…

My hubby has taken Leave today to make it a big weekend.

Reason: to finish our long-pending personal work and gather some rest.

But he made it an usual morning by waking up at 6 A.M. and working on his office laptop for almost 3 hours.

As we were about to windup at breakfast (and I was contemplating to watch a movie, together), he very politely asked me to switch-on the TV: “TV ta tikiye lagei deba“…(note the word ‘tikiye‘ that implies an utterly humble, little demand).

Reason: well, again that little desire: “tikiye jhagdda dekhiba SC au BCCI ra (want to watch the ongoing arguments between SC and BCCI)” !!

Forget the movie ! My thoughts instantly drifted on to a completely different plane…

Its so much like a child pleading with his/her mother ‘maine home-work kar liya hai, thodda TV lagao na, Mumma (I have finished my home-work, now please switch-on the TV, Mumma) !’… Its rightly observed- irrespective of age, even men sometimes are still very much a teen at heart.

As for me, I think the left-over Vanilla ice-cream in my freezer shall be okay to keep me cool and happily brooding for now… 🙂

I re-affirm that observation for all the sexes that could be defined. At the same time, it is vital that others concerned are sensible and responsive to such emotions and desires which a simple, carefree heart radiates. Simplicity, cheerfulness, contentment and care are combinable as an antidote to ageing spirits and emptiness within. This particularly, speaking of young couples and nuclear families dwelling in the hustle and bustle of city life. Otherwise, it shall lead to unnecessary conflicts within the very basic roots of a society.

Let us celebrate life in its vivid hues, in big or small way.

Aamjunta, what do you say?


Set Up the Curve of Lips, Early on

Today morning, while chit-chatting with my husband over our morning cup of tea, a thought re-emerged which held out to us a single sharp contrast in two type of writings. And the next twenty minutes saw us discussing further on it which I now desire to express, though the theme can be found oft-repeated in several columns.

Here, we begin…

A major difference between documentary and creative writing is that you can always keep editing, appending the former but you can compose the latter only once !

Also, you need to have references for a documentary work. But a creative one has to flow straight from your heart or imaginations only- so events in your life, your reservoir of good knowledge, mental health, emotional maturity, sometimes your social circle, place of upbringing or living or writing, and both time and timing matter a lot. When I say mental health, it does not necessarily mean composure but nonetheless, your levels of sensibility must always be present to correctly channelize your thoughts !! For example, to write a romantic poem or illustrate a roseate sunset, you shall certainly need to have a serene mood; whereas lines echoing nationalistic fervour or any desperate want of freedom can be still appreciatively composed by you in an agitated frame of mind.

In this context, I am further reminded of Teachers and Parents /Guardians  evaluating compositions of children on various topics. Some certainly do justice to such delicate formative years; they are aware that children need to grasp concepts at this stage and not necessarily do an extra-ordinary job – be it a routine exam or competition. Thus they never drive them hard; they adequately guide them in their pursuit. Especially regarding creative writing, what a child is far from achieving today, he or she may profoundly excel in it tomorrow, provided the passion for it is discovered as well as rightly nurtured at the right time at the right place.

Others unfortunately, simply label marks without using an average standard or without themselves understanding the basic framework of nascent writing. They may unfairly end up grading a child as an under-performer. To make matters worse, sometimes such unweighed high expectations from children may completely ‘kill’ their potentialities like a pre-maturely ripe fruit. We saw something much similar in the very well depicted Indian films Taare Zameen Par and 3 Idiots. And then, the modern pace of life may not allow enough space or time to everyone for re-adjustments later on !

Therefore, irrespective of the medium of language, education systems must abide by well-balanced methods that are scientifically assessed and set up. It should be process-oriented and not people-oriented.

Now, scaling it up…

Here I go to reiterate the message that we see everywhere- let’s shed the unhealthy bearings wherever possible…and rather encourage children to explore their potentialities or passion- whatever be the field. Together with children, let us patiently and tactfully help them discover their own-selves. The early the curve of their lips is defined or re-defined, the more secured and happy shall be any society. Our aim should be to assist them gather pleasant memories, contentment and happiness from the core-of-the-heart; not dictate their profession or status or salary.

And my experience says- apart from unwinding and having unlimited fun, summer vacations are an excellent opportunity for this introspection and nurturing of hopes borne by passion. Let us utilize it to our best advantage. Who knows, what goodness is stored for entire mankind even…? 🙂

Aamjunta – what do you say?

What literally pulls your legs while making an Indian meal ?

Many a times, I have wondered what nowadays literally pulls one’s legs, usually that of the women, while or after cooking a typical Indian meal ?!?

No, I am not hinting at any Vitamin-D or/and Calcium deficiency due to our indoor lifestyle in this phase of post-modernity. 🙂 Rather, I want to draw my readers’ attention towards the cooking of an Indian meal in a modular-kitchen deprived of any sitting arrangement so as to keep it maximally spacious or lend some aesthetic sense to it.

Notwithstanding other discoverers (if any) of the answer, I think I have found mine and here it goes…

According to western lifestyle, pre-processed or canned food-items are generally used to make a single dish. The cooking is usually done in microwave ovens or, marinated and barbecued. In most cases, Olive oil is mixed in or sprinkled or brushed atop the culinary content. Considering a staple diet, westerners eat such dishes with various types of Bread, Tortillas and Salads. Sometimes, it is as simple as warming a refrigerated or left-over Burger or a Sandwich. And they prefer to finish the meal with some Yoghurt or Fruits or hot-Chocolate or Juice or a Drink.

In this process, we can observe certain things in an ordinary routine western kitchen-

1. Food items are limited
2. Most of the constituents of a full meal are readily available
3. The cooking is usually taken care of by a programmed machine !

So, they hardly stand and do continuous mehnat (toilsome efforts) in the kitchen.

See what it takes to cook an average Indian meal, e.g. lunch for a family of (4+2) members-

1. Roti (Indian bread) – kneading the dough, then manually rolling-out 14-15 pieces and making it one-by-one i.e. manually and no parallel processing

2. Daal /Sambar /Chamthong (pulses /stew) – boiling and tempering (chaunk) it, sometimes with small coconut pieces i.e. manually including making the coconut pieces

4. One “side-item” like Bhajji (fries) – peeling the vegetable(s) and pan-frying it with mild spices over low-heat i.e. also manually. One should have patience…

5. An additional “side-item” may also be sought – Saag (e.g. spinach), Pakoras (deep-fried gram-flour dumplings), Momo (steamed refined-flour dumplings stuffed with fillings), Posto (light-fried poppyseed paste), etc., i.e. again a manual process- cleaning, rinsing the leaves, chopping it finely, then stir-frying it over low-heat; making the dumplings or paste i.e., again manually. One should have more patience…

6. One main curry – it could be anything including Ghanta (a vegetable medley which may need more than an hour of frequent stirring), Masala (gravy), Chadchaddee (sautéed mixed vegetables), Kofta curry, etc., i.e. first cut all the vegetables, ready the spices, fry the Kofta dumplings and then cook the curry. This means one has to slog in the kitchen; don’t even blink or rush to the dining area to quickly get refreshed under the fan or air-conditioner 🙂

7. Salad /Rasam /Chutney /Tathu /Papadd /Raita, i.e., to have some more patience as it may require a bit of manual pre-processing of a vegetable(s) and adjusting the varied seasoning

8. A rice item like Pulaav, Fried-rice, Biryani, Bisi Bele Bhaat, Khichddee, Sawchair, etc. or Noodles type of dish is expected during weekends /holidays to not just push load the gastric-pouch but also blow the family to a truly sumptuous meal i.e. it requires one to remain tied-up with finely detailed preparations which may include roasting and the famous layered-cooking method of the Mughal era 🙂

9. For lovers of Non-vegetarian foods (particularly Fish), its again tiresome multiple tasks right up to cleaning !!!

10. Last but not the least, on our list we have some of the wonderful smoked dishes of North-East India. Even if we manage to do it in a modular-kitchen, it is very inconvenient and difficult to clean !

Please note that all these tasks are after considering the available spices in malls but excluding automated vegetable peelers, juice-mixers or other such kitchen-tools. An Indian kitchen normally does not prize many automatic machines except the grinder. This is because the care-taker (host/hostess) wants to eliminate the tagged duty of cleaning the machine after use. 🙂 And many Indian daily dishes cannot be suitably cooked in a microwave oven because the basic flavour is lost !

The other factor to be weighed is that nowadays, the city-dwellers live in a nuclear-family set-up. Hence, the spontaneous assistance of a joint-family system is completely eliminated. One has to manage everything single-handedly if no domestic help or/and cook is employed !

Going back to exploring the answer…

Our grand-mothers and mothers sat on a footstool or tuffet, prepared every detail and cooked. That’s why I believe that even after doing or managing all the chores of the house for years, they never grumbled the way most of us do at a young age now just after cooking a full meal in the kitchen. We Indians, have no doubt borrowed the western idea of modular-kitchen over night… but broadly, without changing our food habits to suit it !

Yes… even I would agree that it is difficult to change one’s food habits. And in that case, the footstool should move in back to the traditionally styled Indian kitchen ! 🙂

Secondly, Indians observe many festivals when certain spices are barred in the kitchen. Many households en masse observe this. But there are a few where some family members with a relatively relaxed nod, may wish to have the usual course of a meal. That implies, double-duty for the person preparing the meals – one course for the festival and the other usual one !! 🙂

Thirdly, some people (men and women), demand or request that special items (often tedious) be cooked for them – this is merely an attempt to show some form of dominance or seek attention in a large joint-family or due to health issues !

So, aamjunta, we gotto choose- ya toh khadde raho, pakaate raho aur khuud ke payaer pakadd ke Hajmola-ke-saath khana pachane ki koshish karte raho…ya phir purani bawarchi-khana pe wapas jao (either keep standing, cooking and attempting to digest the meal with the help of Hajmola digestive tablet and a self-massage to your legs…or return to the old style of Indian kitchen) ! 🙂


Aamjunta Quotes

Here are some ” ” by Aamjunta. Hope you all enjoy them 🙂

“Divergence is the convergence at some unknown point; may be at infinity or may be at some thing different from our imagination” – aamjunta

“Agreeing to Disagree is also Agreeing” – aamjunta

“Marriage and PhD have one similarity – Commitment, even with differences” – aamjunta

“There is always a cat and mouse game between the speed of the life and the speed-breakers; but at the end of the day, no one wins and no one loses, memories just remain as the by-product of the game” – aamjunta

“All my friends were strangers” – aamjunta

“Mistakes and Perfection are like life and death; once you reach the state of perfection, you are dead.” – aamjunta

“Let Complexity be used as a Parameter for System Design, not Human Design.” – aamjunta

“The difference between clock-wise and anti-clockwise motion is like the difference between the future and the past; but the similarity is that they cannot be altered” – ammjunta

“Hmm, Ego… Remember, it starts with a Big “E” and let’s us “Go” in the wrong direction” – aamjunta

“What is right and what is wrong? It is just a perception that changes across the table” – aamjunta

“Life is not digital, it is analogue only. But, one should avoid analogue (fuzzy) decisions in life”. – aamjunta

Insecurity? Possessiveness? or Complexity? – a Dangerous Fall Out

Whats up?
Where are you these days?
Let us meet some time this week and discuss your progress!

Yes Sir, I am here only, most of the times in the Office. We should meet some time tomorrow!

Ya, thats fine. Lets discuss tomorrow.

That was the post tea conversation of Manoj with his boss. Other colleagues of Manoj could not understand any thing from that conversation. They could not understand, how come the boss is showing so much of interest in meeting Manoj? That very morning boss had cited his busy schedule and politely said no to Manoj’s request for the meeting! Hard to digest though 🙂 . Biswajit, a trusted friend of Manoj could not control himself and asked, “what did that mean? Morning he appeared ultra busy and afternoon he wants to meet you!” … “Nothing”, Manoj answered with a mischievous smile…“I knew the question before hand (questions of his boss). He is not interested to meet me to know the status of our project, rather, he wants to know some thing else. He saw me 2/3 times with Sreenath, the new project leader of the new group in the last couple of days, (who happens to be a friend of mine). Interestingly he followed us to Santosh’s tea stall to know with whom am I discussing? and whats going on. He hardly goes for a smoke/tea to that stall”.

Next day morning, the meeting took place as per the schedule. Though the meeting did not last for more than three minutes and without any substantial discussion on the project status, his boss did not forget to ask (warn) him about his interaction with Sreenath. He was curious to know about the chemistry between Sreenath and Manoj. He advised (warned!) Manoj not to discuss with any one else on “our” project and asked him not to spend too much time at the chai stall ;). Ironically, Manoj was his most trusted subordinate for the last seven years. He knew Manoj’s commitment and dedication towards his job. Even then… as a human being he has insecurities to such great heights. Does not have faith on himself or others.

This is a story of any aamjunta, in any part of the world. It is there in academics: between the advisor and the student, in home: between the husband and the wife, in relationship: between the boy friend/boyfriend (BF) and the girl friend/girlfriend (GF). It has the power to nullify the trust between two human beings. Some times it becomes really problematic and creates differences of opinion, life style and at the worst case a separation at last. Think of a boy, talking to some other girl (not his GF of course!) and his GF sees that. I can bet on this – his GF will not take that lightly and will definitely fight till she extracts everything from him regarding his “possible affair” with the “other” girl. Same thing applies when the case is reversed. BF also does not take it lightly, if his GF talks with many people. You can say that is possessiveness, but is not his insecurities? or can you say this is a breach of trust?

Some times insecurities, possessiveness, inquisitiveness, lack of self confidence get mixed up in such a manner that negative complexity results in controlling the emotion and other activities. The negative complexity is not only harmful for the person concerned, but also harmful for the society at large. People start comparing themselves with others for every small thing in their life, like, getting a new dress to buy a new phone, getting a research paper acceptance to get a conference funding, changing a life style with a (new) BF/GF to comparing the salaries of husbands, etc. Comparison is good, but excessive comparison is bad. It creates enmity, insecurities, complexities resulting in a sense of jealousy in the society.

A state of excessive comparison some times creates havoc in terms of psychological disorder, suicides, mental imbalances, etc. Thought of mentioning here one of the incidents that happened with a female colleague at the lunch table some time back. It was a late Saturday afternoon, we were on our way to the wash basin area after lunch (I was the guest at that place). Suddenly, a lady in her late twenties came towards us and asked my colleague, “Do you mind, if I ask you your age?, how can you keep yourself slim and fair at this age and at this stage of your PhD? and how do you manage to keep smiling all the time? … Before my colleague could say anything to her, she asked again, “have any one rejected you ever? how can you manage to talk to boys like this? We were mum and speechless at her queries. She paused a little and asked again!, “what is wrong with me? why am I being rejected? no one talks to me…” The situation was too difficult to handle for my colleague, she patted her shoulder and said with a smile, nothing is wrong with you. It is just a matter of time. Be happy with what you have. And do not compare with others…. it is a mirage“.

Another incident that happened with a friend of mine in my college days. Though it is diametrically opposite from the previous one, it has some similarities and worth mentioning here. Sirish was a down to earth student and was committed towards his project work and academics. He used to meet his adviser regularly and used to discuss too. But, one fine night at about 10.30pm, he got an email from his adviser. It was just a one liner only with the subject: “Meet me tomorrow at 9.15am at my office“, there was nothing in the “body” of the mail. He could not understand the real intention behind the mail, and met his adviser next day on time. Interestingly, they did not have any technical discussion, and it was just like any casual meeting. At tea time, Sirish was casually mentioning before us about the mail and the meeting. He was wondering, what was the meeting aimed at? He still couldn’t figure out the reason behind an urgent appointment with supervisor. He came to me in the evening and narrated the incident of the mail, the meeting and no discussion during the meeting. I asked Sirish, “where were you last night? and the day before?” “At the new market complex”, he answered. “You were alone?”, I asked again. “No, was with a friend of mine and his GF”.Ok, so that was about 10pm in the night?” I asked again. “Yes, but what is the relation of my being with friends and the meeting with my supervisor?” Sirish asked with curosity. I replied, “Yes, that is the point! Your adviser must have seen you with the young girl at 10pm and immediately after sent a mail regarding the meeting. He was just insecure that his student should not spend time on this” 🙂 Every one including Sirish exclaimed! And later on it was repeated with some one or other in the same lab.

On a different note, while we were having dinner last night a friend of mine (Shib) narrated his story in his lab. It happened two years back when one of his lab colleagues got engaged and informed about his engagement to his adviser. His adviser took that news very positively, encouraged him (my friend’s colleague) and wished for a successful life in both personal and professional front. Just before concluding the discussion, he called the person and told him, “look, do not tell this (what we discussed now) to Shib. You can tell this to other lab members though, but not to Shib”. His friend could not understand the reason behind this statement and of course came back puzzled and told the statement of his adviser to Shib. With a smile, Shib told him… “hmmm.. he does not want me to get married it seems. He has seen me with many girls in the campus. But, fortunately or unfortunately at wrong time at right (wrong) places with different girls. He might be thinking that, if I get married, I will be unmindful and lazy in my research“.

There are many such stories, told, untold, discussed etc… One can name these stories as possessiveness, insecurities, lack of self confidence, lack of trust and faith or complexities. Some time we understand, some time we do not. Some times we react; react badly and break the relationship. Hardly people want to know the real reason behind this emotional outburst…., instead they too respond in an emotional manner. This happens with me, you, him, her … the aamjunta, irrespective of the age, gender or class; quite dangerous and destructive in nature though…

Aamjunta! Be careful…You should not be a victim of too much insecurities or complexities.

From 11 to 12

Have you been to the dining area of any Boys’/Gals’ hostel? Read this to refresh your memories, if you have been to those places; or to know some thing interesting, if you have not been to those places.


It was a Thursday evening…

I was invited along with two of my friends to H11 for dinner. Reasons for the celebrations being to taste the mess food at a ladies hostel and to learn/realize the system of H11 mess. We reached at about 9.10pm — too late for dinner at H11 mess; missed many good dishes like the sweet and kofta. However, some food was still left and we decided to pounce on it. Food was Ok!!. But the taste was slightly different, not due to the ingredients, but due to the change in the style of cooking and the juicy, gossipy environment. We were keenly interested in the discussions and gossips other than the food. 🙂

After taking in the initial euphoria of being in a girls hostel, we got so much absorbed into our own discussions that we did not realize there were some girls sitting very near to our table. Those girls were sitting not to complete their food, but to listen to our gossips so that they could further make use of these gossips in their own gossiping circle ; quite interesting though. But, the crux of our discussions were leaked. We thought of making use of the invitation as an opportunity to sustain some of our own curiosity and gossiping capability — but in the end we fell prey to the girls’ group trap . It was almost 10.00pm by time we were through with our dinner, left for our hostel after thanking our host.

That was one incident which gave me an opportunity to learn some thing from H11 mess. That was my first time in a ladies hostel mess and after that day I have been visiting their mess, though not very frequently, (once in a month or less than that). But these visits are mostly neither for fun, nor for learning rather for some reasons and some time compulsions, like some problem with H12 mess food, or for a quick lunch/dinner (H11 comes closer to my department than my own hostel H12) to get back to work at the department. Every time I go for either lunch or dinner, I get a different experience of the place — some times people don’t like to show their face and run away once they see certain guests even among their own acquaintances, some times they sit at a far end with a long face, some times they just sit and listen carefully what people are talking to their hosts, or some time some people sit and pass on comments; like hum bhi mami banenge….., tera mama ko bol… etc…. 🙂 Staring at a guest the moment he/she enters the mess is a must; embarrassing though.

Other than these gossiping, staring and different expression scenes, what I don’t like there is the manner they serve food. Plates, chapatis and some thing or the other… not at all available in the dining area, only available in the inner kitchen where guests are not allowed. Moreover, one should not be very serious about hygienic conditions there. Most of the times, the plates and spoons are washed at the peak hours of lunch and dinner and the inmates have to get into the washing area to get their and their guests’ plates. Guests have to depend solely on the host for the guest coupon (most of the times my host runs out of cash at the mess counter though ) , food, water and even for a seat. Poor host… The guests have to stand near the food counter helplessly and watch their hosts run inside the kitchen to get plates, chapatis, curd, etc. …

But, with all these problems, cribs, faces, staring, etc., eating in H11 mess is quite different. The gossips are most of the time beauty centric or Boyfriend/boy friend centric and sometimes polished cat fights. Occasionally some released films or presyn/thesis submission too surface as interesting topics for time pass. The gossiping groups are fixed — almost like treasury benches in the parliament; hardly any one else can be part of the discussion and most of the times these are closely guarded groups. These are not only my experiences, many others who visit H11 occasionally or regularly will definitely agree with me.

Now coming to H12 mess…

I have been eating in H12 mess for the last five and half years. Let me tell my experiences. Believe me, it is unbiased!!. First of all, the mess food is hygienic, and the counters (both coupon counter for guests and the food counter) are quite ordered, structured and methodical. The guest does not have to depend on his/her host. Every thing is in place; starting from collecting plates to taking food at the counter to getting water at the dining table. Since the number of visitors are very high (including ladies) and the number of regular mess members are very high, one hardly stares at any one (if the visitor or the member looks some thing extraordinary or if there is some serious problem, then people might). For most of the members the seats and eating times are almost fixed. Yes, gossiping is there to its maximum extent; some time even we do for hours, but one hardly sits there to eavesdrop. No one bothers about others gossips. The topics of gossiping are mostly either lab related or political, and on cricket during cricket season; which are of course quite different from H11. There are some other topics, like credit cards, department and hostel politics, Girlfriend/Girl Friend and Boyfriend/Boy Friend issues, life, marriage, etc. Most of the times it is just leg pulling and some PJs. Any one can be absorbed and adapted into the gossips irrespective of the gender and age. Hardly any one will feel out of place at H12 mess. It is just like home.

The same argument one can give about H11 mess too… It is too a home for many (inmates only), but not for all. The difference is not at the level of facilities or resources, it is there in the attitude, the way of treating guests. If you are a guest at H11 mess, I’m sure you will be treated the best way that is possible by your host. It is quite a personal affair (some times lacking in H12 mess though). The experience one goes through at H11 mess and H12 mess are completely apart and just orthogonal. One can only experience not think. And one must experience this difference at least once in his/her IIT career.

Aamjunta what about your experiences?

Note: H11 is the women’s Post Graduate Hostel of IIT Bombay and H12 is the men’s Post Graduate Hostel. This article was originally published as an invited post on 1st January, 2009 in “Iris”.

Disclaimer: The opinions of this article are completely subject to the experiences of the author. Aamjunta doesn’t hold responsibility for the opinions expressed

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