A Lesser Known Tale of India’s Freedom Struggle

“Freedom pertains to either the choice of one’s own bondage(s) or helplessness against brute force !!”

Wish you a Happy Independence Day… JAI HIND !!

Along with photos from Andaman & Nicobar Is., I am sharing a page of a very significant chapter in the history of India’s freedom struggle as established and thereafter, predicted by Netaji.

This part is neither known to many of us, nor expressed in the speeches of the present political leaders nor featured by any media !!!!


Photo2tales of torture…

Photo0Veer Savarkar’s cell…

Photo3Cellular Jail – one cell

Photo4Cellular Jail – torture marks !!!

Photo5Veer Savarkar’s cell…Photo6

Photo7Jai Hind !!!Photo8a lesser know tale of our freedom struggle…

“…an act first of its kind in the history of British rule in India…
during the course of the day, the National Flag was hoisted atop the British chief commissioner’s residence in Ross Island… Netaji had then expressed the hope that some day the same flag would fly on the Viceroy’s House in New Delhi.”


Being Independent …

Wish You a Happy Independence Day. πŸ™‚

Yes, we Indians are celebrating 62nd Independence Day today (15th August). It is a big day for all of us. It is a day to celebrate. British colonialism is in history books now. We are independent! Let us salute the freedom fighters; the great leaders and the aamjunta of that time. We are the citizens of their Dream India, but we hardly know whether their dream India and the present India are matching at least to some extent. Anyway, it is better to be practical and to march ahead.

Independence never comes alone, it comes with responsibility and a sense of fellow feeling. Every body wants to be independent; in studies, in job, in life.. every where .. like the free birds of the sky. No one wants to be ruled by some one else. But, in practice that does not happen always. Democracy is still a myth. It is still far from the ideal. Today’s politicians are neither the ideal leaders nor self-less individuals. In the name of democracy and independence they rule the country; by dividing the society into caste, religion, region, language and ethnicity. A narrow sense of Desivad is there everywhere — in business, in industries, in education and in political speeches. 😦 The so called leaders/politicians/… are the only independent souls in this country, who are there in order to do all kinds of corruptions, to loot the country, to say anything against any one for the shake of vote — not the aamjunta – who is still in bondage.

Even then, I would say “we are independent, but with dependence“. The dependence comes from the fact that we love to be cared and required to be disciplined by some rules and regulations. We have to deliver some thing to the society where we are living. One has to remember that nothing comes free, everything is to be paid in return of some thing or the other. So, even independence is not free. It comes with a bondage, the bondage of responsibilities, duties towards the society, hard and honest work in our day-to-day life, fighting against corruption and non-governance and above all for humanity at large.

“Who wants to be free?
Freedom is the choice of one’s own bondage”.
– From A Lecture of Dr. Dilip Naik

Instead of blaming for everything, we the aamjunta of this country can participate in nation building. To clean the system and to bring the system into its right path, some times the aamjunta has to be a part of the system. So, be a part of nation building and change the system which you feel needs to be corrected. Let’s tighten the independence with free bondage πŸ™‚

Jai Hind

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