Should we Approve this Space Redefinition ?

Like many of my folks, I would love to live in a villa or mansion with most modern amenities, a sprawling garden, a customized swimming pool and good parking space.

Money matters but it is not the real determinant !

For after the routine confrontation with SPACE and POLLUTION around, I am not in favour of even owning a four-wheeler (in fact, I am still avoiding it !). The Apartment concept is a wiser choice in many aspects and as a family even, we are also comfortable and happy travelling in autos, Volvos and taxicabs.

We are happy because we spare space and prevent pollution – all very little but that is what we still manage to contribute. That gives us some sort of joy within. And of course, we do not have the headache of maintenance, licence renewals or manoeuvring in traffic when we actually look forward to solely enjoying the time.

Three years ago, we planned to get bicycles but there is still no appreciable bicycle lanes across the city. And the metro rail tracks too do not utilize the underground space… Anyway, if ever we much need to own one vehicle, then we shall restrict it to minimum usage to release space-on-roads and prevent air-pollution at least.

Of late, the ‘villa culture’ is the latest style-and-status statement in the city. Millionaire home buyers, particularly in Bangalore are even seeking out helipads and four-car parking areas !!! (This entire article is a must read; every bit of information contained in it sounds so alarming to me that I could not figure out what to highlight and what to ignore !)

Moreover, irrespective of the number and quality of roads, there are huge ads and flashy show-rooms everywhere to promote sale of varieties of fashionable cars and SUVs.

So this is how it goes – we observe Earth Hour, Save Trees, Prevent Pollution, Stop Industrialization, Environment Day, etc. But we go crazy with these $million /$billion investments, mostly to satisfy our ego – why ? Surely we can jolly good afford but are we being honest with ourselves ? Why can’t we start practising some sort of contentment, despite few odds at the beginning ? …It can be done in various ways – big or small, right ?

It troubles my heart more to see how some of my folks who have well-flourished in their career abroad are now heading home not really to bring in brilliant ideas to rebuild or serve their country but to mindlessly secure a high-flown niche in a city that holds promises of multifarious entrepreneurship and where mercury levels are relatively less drastic !

I therefore strongly believe that some of such detrimental features both of the Real Estate and the Motor Vehicles industries should be “absolutely unacceptable” to a society ALREADY DEPRIVED OF CHILDREN’S PLAY AREAS EVEN IN SCHOOLS – everyone is kind of getting choked at the rate things have already deteriorated !!

Otherwise, I am afraid there may come a situation in the near future, when we would not be able to spot space on Earth to even mark our own foot-prints, literally so !!!!

Aamjunta – what do you say ?

11 Responses

  1. This problem is mainly due to the lack of inclusive growth of our society. More such problems will come in future and may end up with civil wars between groups of the society. Government should look into it seriously.

  2. Thought provoking. A lot of us do not give two hoots for the environment! Money speaks.

  3. True. Everday 150 to 200 new cars are added in Bangalore. No road, no metro… Then how are you going to handle this? No one bothers!

    Tough writing, people may not accept this kind of posts, but you should write.

  4. This is nothing. Wait for 5 more years and see what is going to happen? Attitude is faulty and selfish. Mumbai and Delhi have different problems altogether. Delhi… All netas and bunglos… Where to go?

  5. This is one crucial issue mostly happening in Indian cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Chennai.

    What you see is just the tip of the ice-berg, many more news items will be seen very soon. Main reason – the income gaps in the Indian society, especially in cities is increasing or thriving non-linearly; mostly due to differences in the opportunities and corruption. Another reason – lack of inclusive growth !!

    If you observe closely, you will not be surprised to know that most of the Security Guards in Bangalore are from Odisha, Bihar, West Bengal and Assam. The Support Staff in hospitals are from the North-East. Carpenters and Electricians are from Odisha, Bihar and UP. Why ? This is mostly due to lack of economic development in those states. If we can provide job in those states, then this kind of migration will stop or at least reduce. This will definitely solve many more problems.

    Another solution is the value-based education, not private money-based education. Our education system at least in the primary level is deteriorating and becoming too commercial.

    Someone at the Government level should soon address all these issues with a very tough hand !

  6. Yes, friend, all our observances of Earth Day and the like are mere rituals to hoodwink ourselves and others. We are the ultimate hypocrites who bluff ourselves… Nice article from you. I’m promoting it on FB too.

  7. I am not trying to argue, but just consider how much can contentment really help. The population is only going to grow and earth is not, so should everyone reconcile to ever decreasing space. Clearly it is not a tenable solution. Ofcourse I do agree the various displays and observances are mere shams and FB activism.

  8. Root cause – a miserable RAT RACE !!!

    Rightly said – let us tone down our ego and push into the society all our individual efforts – then COLLECTIVELY, we shall still somehow manage to breathe better, help our next generations and pull on a little longer.

    Nevertheless, every Government must execute the strict rules once it is enacted in this regard. The other thing – Population too has to be checked.

  9. It is a selfish attitude. Agree.

    What about the public transport system? We do not have a fool proof system. Then how do you expect super power position?

  10. Only vertical movement, no horizontal one:) Correct. But the building should be checked for natural calamities like earth quake. Good initiative.

  11. Valid point. It should be debated and conveyed to the people. It may take time but this can create awareness.

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