17th-20th April !!

On 17th, Karnataka and some other states would be going to the polls; it is a holiday

18th is Good Friday, a declared holiday or an optional holiday

19th and 20th are Saturday and Sunday, the usual weekly holidays.

Wow!…Four continuous holidays !!

No, please.

Let us keep this otherwise long weekend restricted between 18th-20th only…and make all sincere efforts to cast our votes in great interest of the nation ! There cannot be a more peaceful opportunity than an aware and spirited democracy to affect such a destiny.

Percentage figures of polling from the far-flung north-east and insurgency-hit regions are inspiring !!!

Elsewhere, we just need to take care of the heat and dust…by carrying umbrellas, sufficient water and arriving a little early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Jai Hind and Happy Voting…

4 Responses

  1. Jai ho!

    Thats rigjt and I am on the big Q:)

    Happy voting.

  2. Great. Hope this time voters of Bangalore will go for voting, not for 4days holiday trip.

  3. Great inspirational article.
    Just now I completed the voting. Though initially I found difficult to locate my name in the list , but the EC website is fantastic. Got the location of the booth, Google map for that and other details. For record I got my name registered in 10 days. Great work and kudos to EC.

    I know people complain about their problems . But most of the problems are local and could have been solved if they were bit serious.

    Jai Hind.

  4. 18th is not holiday for us. Also voted today and volunteered through Rotary :-). It feels good.

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