As India Votes – Good Luck to Us

With the world’s largest democracy going to one of its most crucial national elections from tomorrow, here’s how we can perhaps best eliminate our dilemma –

First, let us set up our priorities and then map it on to the parties and the netas (leaders) – the mapping that draws the highest number of lines should be our obvious choice.

Alternatively, we may also label marks (party /neta rows vs. priority columns) and finally add up the total of each row to find the highest score.

Priorities: nationalistic fervour, foreign policy, internal security, defence, anti-corruption, economic reforms, social welfare schemes, education system, health care, media regulations, NO caste-community-religion bias or undue reservations (economic or financial reservations to a certain extent is acceptable as a short-term measure, as long as it actually fulfils the uplift criteria of the society concerned), cultural heritage, sports, etc.

This shall lead to a practical decision and not an emotional one. Moreover, if such a chosen party and neta are elected to power, then we can better relate to and evaluate their performances in the long-run too.

Let us together decide a bold, progressive, stable and transparent government at the Centre and the respective States !

Wise and Happy Voting !


14 Responses

  1. All thd above priorities can be made possible if we vote for BJP at the center.

    Make sure there is no third front govt at the center.

    Jai Hind.

  2. Tomorrow we have voting for North-East. No party other than BJP spoke about them. BJP is still struggling with manifesto. But to me they are the only alternative at this moment as congress and AAP are using their pseudo-secular cards without any development and governance.

  3. Hope we get the least corrupt Govt this time.

  4. We have election tomorrow. Though I am still not decided whether to vote or not, I thought I should express my views here.

    No National party is serious about us. Modi mentioned, but not wholeheartedly. Rahul always thinks about poor vote, but never want them to rise. Kejriwal never bother about us as we are not Ambanis, Adanis for him. Why do people treat us step motherly? And which India should rise?

    NOTA is no option if one wants to vote.

    But, still I am hopeful. May be Modi will do something for us? Big risk and a gamble too.

  5. Simple good maths for the aamjunta !

    BJP seems to be the best option in this election. Congress has failed altogether and AAP has proved to be merely power-hungry without delivering vital promises..during Dec-2013, I was hopeful of AAP but it made a mess of administration in Delhi I am totally apprehensive of its ideologies!! …..any other choice will lead to formation of a disastrous Third-Front !

  6. Good one.

    My take – vote for governance and stability. BJP is the only alternative for this.

  7. No new post? Lets have some thkng different from election 🙂

  8. Nice One

  9. @Nipun Saha: I have written articles on other topics too :-).. please browse the various categories on this site.

  10. @ Namrata Kumari: more than being anti-corrupt, at this stage, its crucial that we first of all have a bold and stable Govt. !!

  11. Our present Govt ruled for a ‘long time’ with the biggest scams of the century. I think it’s the time for an anti-corrupt Govt.

  12. @ Namrata Kumari: It should not be anti-corrupt only; but a stable government which can provide bold governance and strong decisions for a sustained period. Only saying ‘we are anti-corrupt’ and then bringing in just populist measures (like freebies) will never help !

  13. @ Mariom Wong: Yes, we agree that the North-East has been in the neglected list since long !! To highlight this, we also wrote a post some time back and looks like Modiji’s campaigning office borrowed a leaf from it :-).. FYI, we have tweeted this to all political parties and leaders to focus on the North-East.

    With a good percentage turnout of votes there, let’s hope that this time something very promising develops for this beautiful and resourceful part of India !

    Aamjunta’s Dilemma – whom to Vote in 2014 ?

  14. I understood where you are pointing to. In that case, I agree with you.

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