A Home-made Recipe of Cereals and Nuts

Since ages, we know that many cereals-and-nuts based food items are prepared in Indian villages and towns, and some are carried in containers for months together by native pilgrims.

Here’s one such recipe slightly modified (I would rather say upgraded) by my diligent mother-in-law, especially with the aim to control sugar-levels and check obesity. During her stays in the village, it also grants her good space and time from preparing a routine breakfast when she has to rather hurry for a special occasion of Pooja during the morning hours. 🙂

This recipe is designed to be easily stored and carried even during long-distance journeys. Having learnt the art from her, I now definitely prepare this food-pack for my husband on his tours abroad because it makes life easy for a hard-core vegetarian like him ! And of course, sometimes I manage to find a bearer to send these packs for both our families who prefer to reside at our respective native places, near the realm of Nature.

Here now, I bring to you this blissful recipe…


For sake of convenience, I have referred the measure of cups. You can scale up the required quantity in the same proportion of these ingredients or adjust as you like it.

1.  Oats (replacing rice grains or puffed-rice or flattened-rice) – 2 cups
2.  Broken Wheat – 1 cup
3.  Soya Granules – 1 cup
4.  Cornflakes (normal variety) – as preferred
5.  Almonds – as preferred
6.  Raisins – as preferred
7.  Aniseed – as preferred
8.  Cardamom – as preferred
9.  Cloves – as preferred
10. Black Pepper – as preferred
11. Salt – a pinch


1. Take a deep non-stick pan; it should allow you enough room to stir properly. Dry-roast the Oats, Broken Wheat, Soya Granules and Almonds separately in the pan over low-heat. It must be adequately roasted (brownish) and emit the ‘dry-roasting’ flavour. Stir each ingredient continuously during this step so that all the grains or Almonds get a uniform heat and are not charred.

2. Allow the three dry-roasted cereals and Almonds to cool.

3. This step is attached only with the Wheat. Take small amounts of the roasted quantity and grind it to a slightly powdery texture such that it blends well when it is served with hot Milk or Water. This part of processing will require some further efforts –  each time you will need to extract the desired form from the grinder by using a hand-sieve, put back the coarse part in the grinder, add some more fresh Broken Wheat and then repeat the process. You need to do this till you obtain a consistent texture for all of this dry-roasted Wheat. At the end, you shall get the 1-2 tbsp coarse Wheat grains left; you may store it for making Wheat Porridge later on.

4. Mix this hand-sieved slightly powdery Wheat part with all the remaining ingredients. Aniseed (slightly fried or raw), Cardamom, Cloves and Black Pepper may be mixed as is or coarsely crushed. Add a pinch of salt to the mixture.

Its done.

Store it in an air-tight container. You can roughly estimate the expiry date of the whole mixture as the expiry date of its constituent ingredient that expires the earliest ! (So you should choose the ingredients such that they all have nearly the same expiry date.) Once you get it, do label the date on the container.


Whenever you desire to eat, take hot Water or Milk in a bowl and mix the required amount of the mixture in it. Depending on your health conditions, you may have it simply that way or further season it with Fruits, dried-Dates, Sugar, Honey, Syrup, Jaggery, Sugar-free tablets, Ragi or Oats sugar-free biscuits, etc.

My father likes it as a snack with typical Indian Tea; so he sprinkles some crunchy salt items (like Haldiram‘s) in the mixture. 🙂

Aamjunta, do try this healthy recipe and let us know your feedback.

8 Responses

  1. Is it called chatua? We prepare but not that dwlicious, simple made out of flat-rice. Will try this next time. Thanks.

  2. my grandmom used to prepare a similar version, but i will ask my mom to try this one. cool

  3. It definitely is healthy! Thanks for letting us know the right ingredients and quantity.

  4. Thank you Siddharth, Romi and Indrani.

    @ Romi: yes, customs and traditions must continue…do let us know your grandmom’s version if you pen down any recipe.

    @ Siddharth: yes, it is an upgraded version of ‘chhatua’..keeping diabetics and obesity in view, the Rice part has been replaced by Oats and Soya..the other thing is that you can also add dry-roasted and then crushed Chana-Dal (Bengal Gram spilt and skinned) in the mixture but many people don’t like that flavour in a food-pack like this; moreover it may make it sticky when hot Milk or Water is added..but you can use it if you like.

  5. Seeing a different article in Aamjunta from its usual styles. I appreciate the new avtar and hope to see more and more types of articles in the future. We are waiting for a thrilling finish in your next article.

    By tge way, this is a very good and informative article too.

  6. I shall prepare this someday. Does it taste fine? My mom used to prepare a similar version but I didn’t like the taste. But that was without dry fruits and a few other ingredients you mentioned.

  7. @ B.Sundhar : Thanks a lot. Sure, will try to post articles of a different flavour, some are already on my radar…
    And the new avtar..just that my better-half has joined the bandwagon ! 🙂

  8. @ Namrata Kumari: Yes,the taste is fine..in fact, the seasoning and flavour of dry-roasted wheat will prove to be appetizers! Just note that except the Wheat, everything should be in the form of flakes or coarse grains; otherwise its going to taste like baby-food which we don’t normally like. If you are non-diabetic, then you may also add white or brown flattened-rice (Chivdaa) just like the Oats; but then use small amount while serving because its going to swell up when mixed with milk or water !! Do let me know if you have further queries, I shall be glad to answer.

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