Set Up the Curve of Lips, Early on

Today morning, while chit-chatting with my husband over our morning cup of tea, a thought re-emerged which held out to us a single sharp contrast in two type of writings. And the next twenty minutes saw us discussing further on it which I now desire to express, though the theme can be found oft-repeated in several columns.

Here, we begin…

A major difference between documentary and creative writing is that you can always keep editing, appending the former but you can compose the latter only once !

Also, you need to have references for a documentary work. But a creative one has to flow straight from your heart or imaginations only- so events in your life, your reservoir of good knowledge, mental health, emotional maturity, sometimes your social circle, place of upbringing or living or writing, and both time and timing matter a lot. When I say mental health, it does not necessarily mean composure but nonetheless, your levels of sensibility must always be present to correctly channelize your thoughts !! For example, to write a romantic poem or illustrate a roseate sunset, you shall certainly need to have a serene mood; whereas lines echoing nationalistic fervour or any desperate want of freedom can be still appreciatively composed by you in an agitated frame of mind.

In this context, I am further reminded of Teachers and Parents /Guardians  evaluating compositions of children on various topics. Some certainly do justice to such delicate formative years; they are aware that children need to grasp concepts at this stage and not necessarily do an extra-ordinary job – be it a routine exam or competition. Thus they never drive them hard; they adequately guide them in their pursuit. Especially regarding creative writing, what a child is far from achieving today, he or she may profoundly excel in it tomorrow, provided the passion for it is discovered as well as rightly nurtured at the right time at the right place.

Others unfortunately, simply label marks without using an average standard or without themselves understanding the basic framework of nascent writing. They may unfairly end up grading a child as an under-performer. To make matters worse, sometimes such unweighed high expectations from children may completely ‘kill’ their potentialities like a pre-maturely ripe fruit. We saw something much similar in the very well depicted Indian films Taare Zameen Par and 3 Idiots. And then, the modern pace of life may not allow enough space or time to everyone for re-adjustments later on !

Therefore, irrespective of the medium of language, education systems must abide by well-balanced methods that are scientifically assessed and set up. It should be process-oriented and not people-oriented.

Now, scaling it up…

Here I go to reiterate the message that we see everywhere- let’s shed the unhealthy bearings wherever possible…and rather encourage children to explore their potentialities or passion- whatever be the field. Together with children, let us patiently and tactfully help them discover their own-selves. The early the curve of their lips is defined or re-defined, the more secured and happy shall be any society. Our aim should be to assist them gather pleasant memories, contentment and happiness from the core-of-the-heart; not dictate their profession or status or salary.

And my experience says- apart from unwinding and having unlimited fun, summer vacations are an excellent opportunity for this introspection and nurturing of hopes borne by passion. Let us utilize it to our best advantage. Who knows, what goodness is stored for entire mankind even…? 🙂

Aamjunta – what do you say?

10 Responses

  1. AGREED. I wanted to be dancer and ended up with a software engineer. Never liked this life style and do not want to repeat the same for my children.

  2. These days the peer effect is killing the creativity. Sabko engineering kar ke onsite jana. Disgusting.

  3. Corrrrrect. Lad-tad-pyar all three are needed, they need guidance and information. Think of a situation with bhim as a dhanurdhar and arjun as gadadgari, this is what is going to happen if u force.

  4. A thoughtful post on an important topic. Well done! Incidentally just yesterday I too was jotting down some notes on a similar idea…maybe it will show up on my blog some day. 🙂

  5. Whom to be blamed? The nuclear family and the peer pressure or the ignorance of the parents? No one wants to teach good things of life, every one is interested in the hook-crooks of life. May be that is called Darwin’s principle

  6. It happens only in India. A lot needs to be changed.

  7. rightly said. it is a selfish attitude of parents.

  8. Thank you all.

    This is a very crucial, very delicate topic in children’s upbringing – defining the chapters of our authority on our children’s decisions regarding career or achievements. Somewhere we need to restrain ourselves, somewhere we need to reinforce their aspirations and somewhere we need to guide their choices- that is, to be sensibly balanced. Peer pressure or social pressure can be very destructive- just stay miles away from it !! …And its always not too late to start something that we have missed out as young seekers in some cherished field; we can try it even today- our passion, our spirits will never say ‘no’ to it. Cheers !

    @ Beloo Mehra: looking forward to your analysis 🙂

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