Welcoming Telangana and Seemandhra – what lies next ?

With green signal given by the Lok Sabha to the Telangana Bill, creation of the 29th state of India becomes a reality. Now, Andhra Pradesh is divided into two smaller states – Telangana and Seemandhra (the one which opposed the division of Andhra Pradesh). Though there is a sense of pride and victory by some people of Telangana, the general mood of the people of the region, particularly of Seemandhra, and other parts of India is not happy regarding the way this specific bifurcation was handled and new states are being created.

Most surprisingly, the recent developments which came into light are undemocratic and pathetic !

First, six Honourable MPs (Congress) of Seemandhra issued a no-confidence motion against their own party and the government. They were later expelled. But their grievance was never discussed in the parliament. Neither the parties in power nor the parties in opposition bothered to listen to their dissent.

Second, Pepper Spray was used by Mr. L. Rajagopal on 13th February, 2014 which shamed the Indian democracy and Parliamentary system. His act was merely condemned by the political parties and later, he was suspended. However, he had managed to defend his act on live-TV shows and became an over-night hero in his constituency, Vijayawada (Seemandhra).  Many critics of Seemandhra MPs view their opposition to the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh only as a means to safeguard their business investments in parts of Telangana, particularly Hyderabad (its supposed capital) and an election tactics. It is widely alleged that the LANCO business unit in Hyderabad of Mr. Rajagopal was bailed-out by a political pact with the UPA government.

Third, and the most surprising thing is the complete blackout of the debates in the Lok Sabha. It was never seen since the live telecast of Parliament proceedings began in 1996. Hon’ble Speaker says  – it was a technical glitch; BJP says – first, we were unaware of it, then admits it was a “technical glitch”, and then blames it was a “tactical glitch”; Congress – as usual does not say any thing (even the Union Home Minister refused to comment on the blackout) and the rest call it as the “murder” of democracy or stage walkouts. What surprises the aamjunta is the way the Bill was presented and passed; there was no proper debate, no discussion, no clear plan of action for Seemandhra or Telangana, and above all no consideration on the fall-out of this Bill !! Whom should we blame, only the party in power – UPA (Congress in particular)  or the opposition (BJP in particular) or both ? Don’t we see that both of them have tried to use this sensitive and controversial Bill to earn more seats in the next general elections ? It is just “hunger and abuse of power” – both so destructive in nature, especially in the context of a multi-cultural and multi-lingual country like India !

This actually frustrates the common man of this country. Unfortunately, we probably have no option but to elect one of them (Congress or BJP or coalitions led by them) in the future, as the alternatives including Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Third-Front can prove to be more disastrous for this country !!

What would follow are perhaps – Bandhs (strikes) in Seemandhra and other parts of India, fights between various groups of  Andhra Pradesh and Delhi, debates on television and in newspaper columns, and increase in demands for creation of new states in other parts of the country – Koshala in Odisha, Vidarbha in Maharashtra, Harit Pradesh in Uttar Pradesh, Bundelkhand in central India, and Gorkha Land in the east /north-east ! This does not stop there; as it did not stop with the creation of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Haryana and Goa.

The Pandora’s Box is opened now with many political compulsions, strikes, acts of hate, and various other possibilities including elections and re-elections !

If we analyse the impact of creation of smaller states, we can certainly find two major points – (i) smaller states boost regional parties which are definitely not a healthy sign for a democracy like India and (ii) smaller states bring political instability as in Jharkhand and Goa – 8 Chief Minsters in last 10 years (9  governments in last 13 years) in Jharkhand, and 14 governments in 15 years between 1990 and 2005 in Goa !! The instability can be frequently created by regional parties, especially in a coalition type of government.

Other than the above major points, smaller states give rise to further intolerance, regionalism and selfish motives, which sometimes hinder the growth of India as a whole, and complicate the inter-state relations and distribution of resources – water, mining, dams, power, etc. Likewise, administration and delegation of executive tasks may take a back seat. In this light, one should take thorough note of the detailed analysis in the arduous Srikrishna Committee Report.

Further, such divisions of states in cacophony can also highly complicate the internal security with many neighbours as observed from New Delhi and NCR. Many fear that the anti-Maoist steps being carried out jointly by Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattishgarh, etc. may also get diluted.

As I have mentioned in one of my previous article, the way we are creating smaller states with the above motives and intentions, an European Union model is not ruled out in India in the future – with one or two major partners (states) and many smaller partners (states) with political and financial instability.

Aamjunta needs to awake, arise and take the centre-stage as a voter, implementer, jurist, lawyer, businessman, student, teacher, social activist and others – for, by and of India. We need to go beyond the selfish intention of small states and think of an united India only, without which our existence will be at stake.

It is now obvious that the selfish political parties will instigate us on the differences in languages, religions and region-specific development. But the choice is ours; whether or not to fall in their line !

Aamjunta – what do you say and how do you react ?

Chanakya’s  (370–283 BC) “akhanda Bharat” (undivided India) is becoming “khanda Bharat” (divided India) !!  “Uttistha Bharata” (Arise India) !!!

Jai Hind…

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17 Responses

  1. Surprise to see the way open violation of rules and regulations are followed by the congress !!!. Yes its true that, third-Front can prove to be more disastrous for this country !! , But AAP looks better in some or other form who keeps only agenda for the people as “Corruption” !

  2. What else can you expect from the congress? Though I support the creation of Telangana, I do not agree with the way it was handled recently. Good and thorough writing.

  3. They just wanted to pass the T-bill by hook or by crook. Shame, shame.

    It is a political move and is ended with the bifurcation. We should not allow this deteriorate further.

  4. I am for Telangana, but not for UPA. All parties supported Telangana initially but now opposing for vote. Creation of AP was faulty and that was the big problem till now.

    Like your style of writing and detailed analysis.

  5. Agree with the Aamjunta. Cant forget this episode and forgive these politicians.

  6. India needs another CHANNAKYA or SARDAR PATEL !!!

  7. Just because they want more political seats they are going on splitting states, with Andhra splitting I wonder how many more states are going to come up with similar demands?

  8. Two comments. 1) When did BJP agree to the fact that they knew it was a technical glitch? The fact that BJP says is as follows: 1) it was unaware of the black out and when it was aware, UPA answered it as a technical glitch, but BJP didn’t believe it.

    2) How does small state improve regional politics? UKD is contest between congress and BJP where as UP isn’t. Telengana will be fight between congress and BJP where as Seemandhra will be between TDP and YSRCP. Goa, Cgarh etc are direct fight between congress and BJP with only exception of Jharkhand. Where as in big states, in many states either congress or BJP or both are irrelevant.

  9. Thank you all for your comments.


    BJP was aware of the blackout.

    Quoting NDTV – “BJP leaders in the Lok Sabha said they realised that telecast had been stopped while Ms Swaraj was speaking. She stopped speaking, but was seen signalling to members not to rise. ”


    You may say that this is paid media’s job, but this is what we get!

    So, the point that they were completely unaware is not true. Moreover, it is a BIG political party with many workers working in and out of the Parliament. If the BJP MPs say that they were unaware, that there is no telecast going on, then another question will come – don’t they have any coordination between the members and the workers? They can let the Parliament function like this – without bothering who is doing what? We can’t believe this!!

    Now, the big problem is that there is no recording (Audio and Video) of the discussion. So, whom to trust?

    Regarding small states: I think you are aware of Goa and Jharkhand- small states and many parties and many elections, no governance (Goa got a good CM only recently).

    Likewise, Telangana is being lobbied by TRS only. So where is BJP and Congress coming there? Even when AP was created, new party was formed, TDP – again regional. The old Madras state which was divided into AP and Tamil Nadu – Tamil Nadu is still being ruled by DMK/AIDMK !

  10. @Subrat – AAP experience in Delhi is very bad. They are only non corrupt people – cant accept. Moreover everyone of us is corrupt in some way or the other. Governance is more important than corruption. And they left in 49 days. Very bad. Not again.

    @Parsuram – Though I support BJP, I can’t buy your arguments. Division and re-division is bad and BJP is a party to it. According to your comment BJP has a chance in Telangana and so you are ok with this. Not correct. Remember TRS is a major party to it and will get most seats.

  11. @T Sridhar- How can u say AAP experience in Delhi is bad? It is for sure that only corruption control and non corrupt people in politics can only give relief better for the current situation which no other party is dare to raise expect AAP. They left in 49 days as it may not be good to support corrupt politics as Congress and BJP favor. I just visited on Feb 2nd to Delhi when AAP was in power. And every AAP and AAP in favor. How can common man discuss day and night about a party unless their thinking motivates them. Of course opposition is meant for opposition only. But Mr @T Sridhar in democracy % of like matters more than few critics. So lets wait for the result in next time election in Delhi. We have been faithless many times by Congress and BJP. It is not good to hope bad for a party who is non supportive for corruption. So lets wait to have the feel of real hurt by AAP in reality like we have experienced by congress and BJP.

  12. @Subrat – You visited Delhi, but I am staying in Delhi. Many like me voted AAP and regretting now. Not next time.. NaMo and BJP is the only option. As you mentioned, true… lets wait and watch 🙂

  13. I haven’t read the article of NDTV but watched newshour where Prakash Javedkar of BJP, Jaypal Reddy of congress and Owasi of MIM said they didn’t know about it and Trivedi of TMC said he wanted to protest but speaker didn’t allow him to speak. Now I am not sure whether I should believe politicians or news channel whose credibility is low. One can believe either as the credibility is low for both politicians and news channel. I said so, as I only heard from one side of the story and not the other. With small state UKD, or even older Hariyana, Himachalpradesh and Punjab have stable govt. Think who will rule if punjab is one state Hariyana + Punjab + HP. Goa problem is less to do with small state and more to do with role of governer during congress rule. It only leaves Jharkhand is the only state which has politically unstable.

  14. @Parsuram -I think you missed one more point. In Punjab we have SAD, in Haryana we have Lokdal, both are regional parties. And in Goa – mgp, Goa Congress many more. All are small regional parties, danger for India. Because of them we only can have khichidi govt at the centre.

  15. further, regarding making Hyderabad the common capital (supposed for 10 years) and vesting special powers with the Governor, take a look at the legal tangles on the Telangana Bill (Andhra Pradesh State Re-organization Bill) –


  16. Certainly it is a black era of India’s politics. Both the opposition and he government are in some kind of pact, then what else can we expect? Moreover, the pact is to divide the country into smaller and smaller parts – regionalism will be increased only. How do we justify for our future generations? Feel really bad these days, do not know whom to vote. AAP is only talking about corruption, but who is non-corrupt? Lets have an introspection. The way they want vote is very bad – ready to take support of Khap Panchayat, Anti nationals, etc. Nautanki ka jamana hai bhai, kab tak chalega?

  17. It is Pandora’s box indeed….my husband is from Hyderabad, and he has just returned from a trip there – it was hell. Curfews, strikes, petrol strikes, cars stalling due to petrol strikes, power loss for 4 hours at a time….He is not a Telangana supporter because of all the violence that has been going on for years.

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