Yes to Telangana – Opening of the Pandora’s Box or another European Union !!

With the formation of 29th state of India – “Telangana” (carved out of 10 districts of earlier Andhra Pradesh, with some decisions pending regarding allocation of 2 more districts and the status of Hyderabad)… the political parties, the intellectuals, the political commentators are making calculated comments. Though there is a sense of pride and victory by some people of Telangana, the general mood of the people of remaining Andhra Pradesh (AP) and people of other parts of India is not happy about the way this particular issue was handled and the states are being created. One simple question always arises time and again – on what basis new states are being created in India – on political ground or, on language or, on religion or, on ethnicity or, on some growth-model or, on some kind of compulsion ?

It is certain that the creation of Telangana is more due to political reasons than that of administrative or governance or people centric ones. With 2014 General Election in mind, the UPA-II government in general, and the Congress in particular, have played a game to win more seats in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, to counter the growing popularity of YSR-Congress and/or to take Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) into their coalition. This political will is yet to be ratified by the people in 2014 – time will be the best judge of course !!

Though it is being argued by TRS (in particular) that the creation of Telangana is to handle the (under) development of that region, it is not difficult to understand the political motives of TRS leaders. It is certainly a mix equation of power – hunger of power and abuse of power; hunger of power is more destructive than the the abuse of power though.  This also results in mistrust between common citizens or aamjunta, business men, companies, politicians in various degrees. The mistrust being created with the formation and demand of new states also have long lasting impact on the development of the states in particular and India as a whole nation. This is a very sensitive issue and needs to be handled carefully.

The impact of creation of Telangana is definitely not limited to Andhra Pradesh; its impact is being felt in Odisha in the form of Kosala, in Maharashtra in the form of Vidarbha, in Uttar Pradesh  in the form of Harit Pradesh, in central India in the form of Bundelkhand and in the East/North-East in the form of Gorkha Land… ! It may not stop there; it did not stop with Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Goa before. The Pandora’s Box is opened now with many political compulsions, intentions and possibilities !!!

If we analyse the impact of creation of smaller states, we can certainly find two major points – (i) smaller states boost regional parties, which are definitely not a healthy sign for a democracy like India and (ii) smaller states bring political instability as in Jharkhand and Goa – 8 Chief Minsters in last 10 years (9  governments in last 13 years) in Jharkhand, and 14 governments in 15 years between 1990 and 2005 in Goa !! The instability can be frequently created by regional parties, especially in a coalition type of government.

Other than the above major points, smaller states give rise to intolerance, regionalism and selfish motives, which some times hinder the growth of India as a whole, and complicates the inter-state relations – water, mining, dams, power, etc. This also complicates the internal security as observed in New Delhi with many neighbours. Many fear that the anti-Maoist movement being carried out jointly by Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattishgarh, etc.  may also get diluted resulting in more and more kidnaps, bomb-blasts, killing and loots in different parts of the country.

Other than the above points, what bothers aamjunta is the possible political instability towards which India is heading with the current developments. It is almost certain that in the next General Election, no single political party will get simple majority at the centre; a coalition government led by Congress or a possible Third-Front government led by smaller parties are definitely not ruled out, and hence the fear of scams, corruptions, horse-trading will definitely rise. Even a possible BJP-led government at the centre will have many compulsions too ! Someone has rightly remarked – this will bring demons with crisis in democracy !!

The way we are creating smaller states with the above motives, an European Union model is not ruled out in India in the future – with one or two major partners (states) and many smaller partners (states) with political and financial instability.

Chanakya’s  (370–283 BC) “akhanda Bharat” (undivided India) is becoming “khanda Bharat” (divided India) !!

Aamjunta needs to awake, arise and take the centre-stage as a voter, implementer, jurist, businessman, student, teacher, social activist and others – for, by and of India.

Uttistha Bharata” (Arise India) !!!

Aamjunta – what do you say and how do you react ?

Jai Hind…

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13 Responses

  1. Shobha De is already demanding Mumbai as a state.

  2. Pandoras box, yes truly, I dream of one India but looks like we will be having only all union territories and no states…..agree with you that we have to do something…… lets start by voting sensibly.

  3. With the Demand of creating a New State by many groups all over India,the Day is near where we will have 50 odd state with no harmony,no development,nothing…Everyone has forgotten the thing United we Stand,Divide we Fall

  4. The impact of Telangana is yet to be felt politically and in reality. Now the fight is on which part of old AP will be in the new AP and which will be in Telangana. Smaller and smaller states are forcing people to think smaller and smaller. Is this what we want?

  5. Bundelkhand, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, and many more khands are on the way of the delivery process. Poor thinking of the people and the politicians.
    @Harsha – 50 odd!!! 50000 are on the way

  6. Very well narrated about the current issues in India; balanced, and touching all aspects of the society – much better than Times of India Editorials at least.

  7. Very well expressed. Now TRS is asking others to leave Telangana (

    What more we can expect from these people? They are not to be blamed, we are the major party in it.

  8. Again, a nice post Dr.

    Problems in Telangana – already started by the statements made by YSR’s daughter and TRS Chief’s irresponsible statement on “Leave Telangana”. Shameless people!!!

  9. Nice post.

  10. The way Telangana problem was solved is not correct. It will only trigger more and more law and order problem in AP and other parts of India. Actually, a political will is not seen these days.

  11. The recent agitation in Gorkhaland reminded me about Telangana. One thing I really liked about this article – the way your presented the very small thing “divisional politics”. It is really killing the Bharat in India. Regional parties are the reality and hence our future is uncertain.

  12. The real agenda and motive of the TRS has already become public – let the AP people leave Telangana and Hyderbad. Is that what they want for the development of Telangana? Moreover, I am sure the narrow agenda of the politicians will destroy the country in a long run. We the citizens of India should be very careful while acting and reacting to their agenda. Else, history will never forgive us.

  13. […] Yes to Telangana – Opening of the Pandora’s Box or another European Union !! […]

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