A Joint Looting Technique: Politicians and Officials – tu tu main main…

False Promises and Freebies around elections.

Literature Survey:
2G, Coalgate, Riots, Bollywood, Rapes, Contractors, etc.

Problem Definition:
Define a Real-time Multi Objective, Multi Constraint Non-Linear Problem formulation of the current Crisis

Objective Functions:
Win Election,
Loot the Country,
Evade Law.

Loot Public money by hoodwinking the Public and Media; if caught then change the rule and make your own investigation report;
Manipulate the Committees by money, power, malicious investigation reports and unethical and unprofessional lawyers.

Any guess how?

Solution Technique:
Use CBI, Officials’ and Politicians’ joint effort.
Where, CBI=Coalition/Congress Bachao Institution;
Coalition can be defined as UPA at present and Congress in particular, NDA or 3rd Front in the past.
Make derogatory, communal, illegal and illogical statements to polarize voters and then give so called media clarifications.

1984, 2G, Coalgate, Increased Sexual Crimes, Chit Funds, SEBI-Sahara, Chinese Incursion, Sarabjit, Foreign and desi-Chopper Marriages,  … and many others in line …

Conclusion and Action Plan:
Only watch IPL/Movies – and vote for the same shameless people again and again!!

Sharam to hai hi nahin 😦

7 Responses

  1. Socrates said “a group of donkeys led by a lion can defeat a group of lions led by a donkey”… We know what is happening in India now… Courts and God save this country !!

  2. Well… looks like both of us think on same lines 🙂 .. whatelse .. we will have to manage with the conclusion u suggested 🙂
    Loved the Sarcasm !!

  3. Nice one hemant da

  4. ++ multi cultural and multi religion. NP problem? What is the boiling point of the people? only at elections? The most difficult task is finding an alternative at elections! All are the same 😦

  5. Beautiful Sarcasm!

    Sahi baat hai, saram hai hi nahini. Saram kish ko ayega? Ye to be-saram bandars hai, loot lo, kha lo, chura lo. Inko bhagana padega. Laaton ki bhut, baato mein nahini manenge 😦

  6. Sahi bola bhidu.. Ye sab yeda hain, eisa hi chalega is desh mein. IPL-Indian Paisa League, completely bakwas.

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