Open Letter to Aamjunta

My name is Kurian Varughese. I am an IT professional – working for TCS in Bangalore (Whitefield). I reside at Munekolala ( Green Garden Layout – close to Kundanahalli Gate).

I was on my way to board a BMTC volvo bus on April 2nd-at 7:40am when my cell phone – Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (costing Rs 38,500) was stolen while I was boarding the bus. As soon as I got into the bus I requested the conductor to stop and check if my phone is around. I dialled my number from a passengers phone and it was ringing. Someone picked up the phone and when I told them that I will come to where they are standing and pick up the phone. That person said OK and immediately cut the call – and also switched it off. I tried recalling several times but the phone was switched off.

I feel it is a professional racket operating in this area – as when I went to report this incident at the Whitefield Police Station – they said that it is not the first time that such a thing has been reported. They also did not allow me to register an FIR saying that the side of the road from where i boarded the bus it comes under the purview of HAL Police Station. When I went to the Vodafone Store next to Graphite India junction – they said that on April 2nd – they had received more than 6 such requests for duplicate SIM card.

When I went to HAL police station – they also did not allow me to register an FIR – instead asked me to change the wording of my complaint letter – from stolen – to lost mobile phone. The police officer gave an acknowledgement receipt – but NO FIR. He said that this acknowledgement should be enough.

In the complaint letter – I have stated the IMEI number 354666056537152 and also my SIM number 9886839373 – The police officer made me change the content of the letter – from saying that the phone is stolen – to the phone is lost. I believe this is because he did not want me to file an FIR.

He gave an acknowledgement slip and when I was about to leave – he asked if I was leaving just like that? I knew that he wanted a bribe – I had to pay him Rs 300.

I feel it is not right and that I don’t have to pay any money to get my complaint filed and to request for an FIR.

I seek your help to bring justice and to help track down my phone using the IMEI number that i shared.

It is very disturbing to know that so many such instances are taking place and nothing is being done about it by the Police. Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

5 Responses

  1. May be police is a part of the racket 😦

  2. India’s police to population ratio stands at 130 whereas, the UN recommended figure is 222. Much Police staff is also wasted on undue VIP duties. Secondly, huge reforms are pending since ages now… Probably, 1% sincerity & 99% corruption at the moment ! Thirdly, certain laws are not strict or strictly implemented, again because of so many reasons. We, the common man, however continue to struggle & raise our voices, and do whatever little we can. This country is really on “bhagwan bharose” (God’s Grace) !

  3. @Kurian – I too have similar experience in Mumbai. That time it was with credit card fraud. I could manage to file a complain after almost 3-4 hours of waiting, and finally with the help of a senior cop. Wish you get back your mobile… I am there with you in your fight for justice.

    @Ipsita – You are right. You will be surprised to know that more than 300 police-men of different cadre were waiting at Surat airport this morning; reason – some high profile person was travelling from Delhi to Surat. And a truck load of people (all of them were villagers, brought to the venue like cattle) were also waiting to welcome the guest – “nara baji’. The worst thing was, the behaviour of the police force to the common passengers. The worst – I have ever experienced.

  4. Same thing happened with me today. My Samsung Galaxy Phone got stolen in 335E Volovo this morning near Vydehi Hospital Stop. There were 4/5 people waiting near the door and created a temporary jam and took my phone from my pocket. By the time I realized, it was all over.

    Since I had the insurance coverage, I went to Mahadevapura Police Station to lodge an FIR. No one listened to us and we were moving from polls to pillars to file an FIR. Finally the Inspector got agreed to accept the FIR.. While writing the FIR he demanded Rs 1000/- minimum, else no FIR. There was no other option left for me… I got harassed by the police and they took the money forcefully through a chai-wala (tea-vendor). This is the new trick they follow these days. I missed the chance of recoding the events.

    Pathetic day for me, and God only can save the country from these kind of corrupt officials.

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