Short-Term-Memory-Loss !!

“Earlier, the Bofors was a talking point. People forgot about it. Now it is coal. This too will be forgotten. Once hands are washed off coal, they again become clean.”

– Union Home -Minister Sushilkumar Shinde, Pune, 15th September, 2012

Does he really mean that we all Indians have short-term-memory only? Whether he is right or wrong, that will be proved in the due course of time in 2014 and in subsequent elections, but I would like to remind him and many others like him, that we do not forget, may forgive… and here is a small list for their information and aamjunta’s notice.

Black Money

As per the recent statement given by the CBI Director, Indians have an estimated $500 billion of illegal funds in foreign tax havens, more than any other country. Other media reports claim that the total black money exceeding $1.4 trillion are stashed in Switzerland alone. Whose money is this and who are the beneficiaries — politicians, bureaucrats, industrialists, real-estate mafias or gundas? Even with Supreme Court’s intervention the Government neither provides the list and amount, nor ensures transparency in the investigations. They only bring white papers… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Does it not show how weak our system is ? If yes, then we need a drastic change in our administrative policies to check such unaccounted transactions, negating the economic-position of India !


Coalgate or Coal Allocation Scam is a multi-party scam involving PMO directly and indirectly, MPs of multiple parties, bureaucrats, corporate biggies and many more. As per CAG’s estimation and argument, the inefficient and malafide intentions behind the coal block allocation resulted in Rs. 185, 591 crore ($33.59 billion) “windfall gain” to the allocatees. With the highest amount, it became to be known as the mother-of-all-scams ! While the BJP-led opposition is gunning for the government, PMO in particular and the UPA managers led by Kapil Sibbal in general, have been hitting out at the CAG, incumbent and ex- Chief Ministers (CMs) of Chattisgarh, Odisha, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. While arguing against CAG’s report on policy making, the government should also remember that wrong policies with malafide intentions, inefficient and slow decisions can be more harmful and disastrous for the country. Kapil Sibbal may deny that no one benefited from the coal block allocation, and Congress Party may again bring the zero-loss theory, but it can never prove itself clean. Other parties too are involved; not just Congress is to be blamed. Moreover, if their claim that coal allocation was scam-free, then why the CBI is filing FIRs after FIRs and why is the Inter Ministerial Group (IMG) busy in de-allocating coal blocks ? With Supreme Court of India having taken the coal-allocation issue seriously, it would be no wonder if you see ministers and bureaucrats in jail very soon.

2G Spectrum Allocation

Kapil Sibbal’s Zero Loss theory was again proved wrong by the Supreme Court of India and Dr. Subramanian Swamy… an estimated loss of Rs. 176,645 crore ($31.97 billion) is not at all a small amount for a country struggling with poverty and malnourishment. While the Supreme Court declared allotment of spectrum as “unconstitutional and arbitrary“, and quashed all the 122 licenses issued in 2008 during the tenure of Mr. A. Raja, it further said that A. Raja “wanted to favour some companies at the cost of the public exchequer” and “virtually gifted away important national asset” ! Are Raja and his bureaucrats to be blamed alone ? Definitely no. The then Finance Minister and the PM too are to be blamed equally. In addition, the PM must be answerable for the failure of his office to take appropriate action against the culprits. According to Time Magazine, 2G Spectrum Scam leads the number two position on theirย  “Top 10 Abuses of Powerโ€ list.ย 

CommonWealth Games

Though it was a matter of prestige to host international sporting events like the CommonWealth Games in India, it became a national shame due to corruption and malafide intentions of our politicians, bureaucrats, industrialists and corporations. The total value of the estimated scam in this is Rs 70,000 crore!! In a country where more than 40 crore people live below the “official poverty line” of Rs 32/- per-day income, can we forget and forgive the culprits? The question arises in such situations – “Who is to be blamed” ? The Government, of course – the then Sports Ministry and the PMO, which is directly or indirectly involved. With concerns at national and international level, how do we say that the the game was a success and India has the power to host games of Olympic standard in future ?

Land and Housing Scams

Grabbing Government land, and House/Flats meant for the poor and needy people is not new in India. It was there before independence by Jamindars or Land Lords, and now by the politicians, gundas and bureaucrats. However, the point what hurts most is grabbing the land used for religious activities, and flats meant for war-heroes or their families and poor people in the name of :

  • Adarsh Housing Society Scam: Though the government land was allocated for the construction of a housing complex for “the welfare of serving and retired personnel of the Defence Services“, over the years top politicians (3 ex-Chief Ministers and many more ministers figure in CBI’s list), bureaucrats (Senior IAS Officers) and military officers (of GOC and Brigadier Rank) bent several rules and committed various acts of omission and commission in order to have the building constructed and then got themselves allotted flats in this premier property at artificially lowered prices in their own name or relatives’ names..

  • Karnataka Wakf Board Scam:ย Almost 50% of its land has been misappropriated by politicians and board members, in collusion with the real estate mafia for a fraction of its market value; alleged misappropriation amount of Rs 200,000 crore ($36.2 billion).

And the list continues….. Bofors scam, Fodder scam, Karnataka Mining scam, Cash-for-Votes scam, National Health scam and many more !!

Like Sanjay Singhania (Amir Khan) of Ghajini movie…. with short-term-memory-loss,we Indians also keep a note that ensures a long-term-memory. Moreover, the point what aamjunta would like to bring here to the notice of fellow aamjuntas and to the Politicians of this country is very simple :

โ€œWe are not to be taken for granted for all the misdeeds, corruptions, communal violence and regionalism; when time comes we will show what we can do. We have done it before with many corrupt politicians and national traitors… The power of an ‘aware’ electorate can change the course of a nation’s history. The key to root out all such vices lies in spreading ‘Social Awareness’ among the masses. Then, who knows what is stored in 2014 !!!โ€

16 Responses

  1. And here’s something to add to aamjuntas’ information- what Kapil Sibal wrote in an article on Sep. 15, 2012…. “Governments are not in the business of maximising revenues… it is obliged, in a welfare state, to create an environment to fill the pockets of the ‘aam admi'”…and…”the manner in which public assets are distributed for a particular end must be decided upon by government. Not by the CAG. Not by courts.”

    Just to remind all readers here… Firstly, the CAG is a constitutional authority. Secondly, the Courts are the highest guardians of Law-of-the-land. Thirdly, in a democratic country like India, the citizens have the biggest right, advantage and constitutionally prescribed method (i.e. Voting) to decide which government is best for them…. The aamjunta is not going to forget all these corruption and weak policies, no way. And to ensure clean governance and effective growth post-2014 election, we now absolutely need (a) to spread ‘Social Awareness’ and (b) no matter what or wherever we are, go & cast our valuable Vote this time on.

    Apt title ! Nicely summarized write-up… keep writing.

  2. More interesting to note what Mr Shinde did on coal block.. he admits that he had written to PM for coal block…. then why is this tamasha? we the Marathi manus will never forgive and forget him.

  3. With Mamata withdrawing support is UPA-II becoming minority or majority? Many are there for their rescue though.. The question now arises… 2014 or 2013 ?

    Wait and watch… the big drama ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Politicians do organized crime on public by selling / misappropriating public money. Our natural resources are handed over to international corporate mafias (vedant, posco, etc) in return of political donations (Vedant has donated crores to Congress Party) and huge under the table black money. AGain these nasty politicians create different schemes to make those black money white โ€“ like 2G spectrum, Coalgate, etc.

    we pay the price of other countryโ€™s natural resources (petroleum) with customs duty, excise duty, Vat, Octroi, etc. But our coal, bauxite, iron ore, etc looted by the families and friends of these corrupted politicians. A poor Indian does not get basic medical facilities in Govt Hospitals. Doctors are not present in rural health centers, no teacher in schools, no judges in courts, still India is a money generating machine for these politicians who gone mad after money, money, money.

  5. I am not sure what would finally happen regarding TMC-withdrawal from UPA-II, as Friday, Sep. 21 gives the situation another 72 hrs !!?!! There is a possibility of a relief package being rolled out for WB state (to win some negotiable grounds at least), or SP /BSP rescuing this Coalition, as against general expectation of early polls !! …Thirdly, I think FDI must come-in, in a moderated manner… BUT it must come-in without any scam else its better to wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Good posts ๐Ÿ™‚ Carry on

  7. ok.. what do you think? the FDI and Price hike was not known to Mamta? I believe it was a planned thought and a game between Congress and TMC. PM is trying his level best to divert the attention of the people from corruption and coalgate by FDI and Disesl. Be careful..

  8. Good one Keep writing..

  9. Good Blog contents; wish more posts in future ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Good account of the WORK done by the UPA government ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks aamjunta for nice article ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Really good one :), Jai bharat and jai gujrat!!

  12. When the country is struggling with prise rise and fuel shortage, we have ‘irrigation scam’ now in Maharastra. Seems all parties including bureaucrats are involved, and helped the contractors and mafias. What bothers us is the scale of scams coming to light every day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ May be we all should participate for a change… JAI HIND!!

  13. Scams are more unearthed here now than archaeological data ๐Ÿ™‚ Well on the serious side, many developments taking place vis-a-vis frustration of the aamjunta and upcoming elections in India… However, there is one thing that I want to mention- the fight against corruption and ill-governance must be necessarily based on facts & figures; the activists or civil societies standing up for a clean better India need to remember that they must deliver very well articulated speeches and act wisely.. their words & actions must contain real substance and compel the layman or aamjunta to think, to question, to judge. It should not be a mere hurl of words at the opponent without any proof; otherwise they will lose their ground, mass appeal and eventually, the cause itself ! In this context, I strongly feel that our activists should borrow inspiration from a statesman like Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee who is a great exemplary in political oration and general motivation.. India badly needs someone /something in these lines…

  14. You spoke about coal-gate and CBI inquiry. The CBI is really working for the corrupt politicians and true to “Congress Bachao Instn”. The most funny part is the recent report, “law minister changed the CBI report” – horrible state of affair. Dr Singh should go now.. enough is enough

  15. No more addition to the list of scams!!

    Here is the list of Corrupt Ministers resigned in the last couple of years.

    1. A Raja
    2. Dayanidhi Maran
    3. Shashi Tharoor (back to ministry after the “short-term” memory loss)
    4. Virabhadra Singh
    5. Ashwani Kumar
    6. Pawan Bansal

    Thanks to the able leadership of our honorable PM! I am sure more and more ministers will at least join this following list in the near future. Do not get surprised, if he joins!

  16. 100% right, we have short term memories. Else the political rivals like Congress, CPI and JDU would not have sitting on the same dias today. This is a betrayal of 2009 verdict. But, the people too have short memories. No idea how to stop this kind of opportunistic coalitions. Bad for India and bad for our future.

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