An “Open Letter” to my Fellow Indians on the eve of “Independence Day”

My Dear Fellow Indians,

First, let me congratulate you on the eve of Our Independence Day. Wish our hard earned Independence from the tyranny and suppression lasts long and we discover ourselves in  a country without hunger, terrorism and corruption in everyday life.

Like every human being, I too have a life, and a desire for a peaceful and “Independent Life”. Unfortunately, the current political system and state of affairs do not allow me to have a life of my own – without fear of coming back home when I step out, without fear of losing my life’s saving when I invest, without fear of getting cheated by our Ministers and Politicians, without fear of getting killed or kidnapped by the Maoists if I travel to “Malkanagiri” or “Similipal” or “Dantewada“, without fear of getting a fake degree if I take admission into a college, without fear of getting raped or kidnapped when I roam around in our national capital “New Delhi“, without getting targeted by a section of people and media if I am a Hindu or Muslim or Sikh, without getting labeled by my fellow Indians that I am a “Chinki” if I am from the north-eastern states, without fear of loosing my life and job if I am from Bihar and UP when I am in “Mumbai“, without getting targeted by the Mafias and Babus if I file an RTI and without being thrown out from private schools and hospitals if I am a poor.

Friends… the recent incidents such as 2G or ISRO or Adarsh scams, land grabbing by politicians in name of trusts and charity, CWG mess, siphoning taxpayers’ money in the name of development and other schemes in various states, dividing India in the name of regionalism and religion, nexus of judiciary, layers and politicians, slow and inactive steps of our Police and CBI, populist schemes to attract votes have really shaken the faith of every Indian like me on the political, judiciary, educational and structural systems of India. It is indeed a mater of concern –  for you, for me, for our future generation and for every Indian.

Then… should we allow ourselves to be ruled and governed like this? Don’t we think a change is required at this stage? How can we justify and console ourselves every day when we get hurt, when we are cheated, when we are thrown out by the police in the midnight, when we are taken for granted for every thing – in the parliament, in the cabinet meetings, in the press briefings! Our freedom is at stake, our life is in danger and our survival is in jeopardy.

Do you think that the country which is famous for its “youth” will present itself to the future like this? Do we have any remedy for these kind of short-term and long-term diseases?

Yes, we have, but it is not easy and cheap. It is difficult and sometimes very costly. The solution is just another struggle for independence; a fight for our survival, a fight for our dignity and a fight for our future. Remember, this fight is not against any one else, it is against our “chalta hai” attitude, against our own people; it is a fight of our inner strength against ourselves and against the pseudo-systems – cultural, communal and social. It has to start from the family through right teachings of life and value system, and from the very own “I and you — We“.  Neither the blame game nor the pahle aap and pahle aap can help here. We may have to pay a heavy price in terms of life, money, time and peace for this. It is not free..

A change in attitude and look is necessary; may take a long time for a change, be it short-term or long-term. Another Rang de Basanti….

On the very first Independence Day when Pundit Nehru addressed the nation, he addressed with hope, a sense of fulfillments and sense of achievement.

Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we will redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance …. We end today a period of ill fortune, and India discovers herself again.     

Pundit Nehru (15th Aug, 1947)

Friends, he (Punditji) was right on his own way and at that moment; as the first Prime Minister of India, to architect India and the future of Indians. Sixty Five years have passed… and we are still discovering and re-discovering ourselves!!! “independent” is just another metaphor in public speeches.

Hope and wish India and Indians wake up to a dignified life and true freedom – their “birth right“.

Jai Hind!

10 Responses

  1. Thought provoking article by aamjunta. Much has left to us to ponder. Each government is becoming more corrupt than the previous regimes, and aamjunta like us have no belief on the authorities, on the contrary it became like we-should-be-happy if they dont do any harm to us. Its time to change our way of thinking, become self-protected, and responsible, it’s like starting the freedom fight all over again, not from outwards, but from inside, to be truly liberate ourselves. If we change our attitude, then the country will be better automatically.

  2. Now it is right time, to fight against corrupt political system. Try to inculcate honesty policy in your daily works. if you are teacher, teach your students about morale and ethical values. It helps to give honest citizen to our country. One day we have a very good nation in which we live without any fear.

  3. Thanks Shavali and Dharmendra for sharing your thoughts with the readers.

    @Shavali: Attitude is the key.. we need to act and react strongly, then only some thing cane be done.

    @Dharm: We all are waiting for that “one day”… Yes, students are the torch bearers of the nation and the culture. Do not neglect them.

  4. Dear Aamjunta,

    Thank your for your letter. I am happy to see many people like you and me are also concerned about the freedom movement which is just started. I would like to mention the following points in addition to your letter.

    1. Most of the politicians are corrupt. They want an opportunity like this to get famous. So, do not involve them in such activities.

    2. Kindly do not support corruption in any place in any point.

    3. Rules are for the people, people are not for the rules.

    5. United we stand, and divided we fall. All political parties and the media are trying to divide our unity. Be very careful.


    Jai Hind

  5. Nice article ; very well-written.
    Well, this freedom struggle has to be another “prompt” Rang-de-Basanti ! And with the Anna fever (let’s take that as standing against corruption, uncivilization & lawlessness) now so intensely grasping the nerves of all Indians, this is perhaps the best time history can again give to all Indians. So, let us together honor this big opportunity and pave a clean, cultured and principled future for our future generations.

    Three things we can do –

    1. First, initiate and maintain our own moral discipline.
    2. Educate the masses…spread the message.
    3. Together, stand against all the vices.

    Jai Hind !

  6. Well done. Good Post.

    What do you say… will Anna succeed in preventing corruption? I do not think he can, unless we all want that. Do not bribe any one and do not take any bribe from any one.

    I feel the Media and Politicians have a nexus and they do not want the corruption to go. Both are benefited in some thing or the other. And the MPs/MLAs think that they have every right to rape, kill, murder and loot India.

    Jai Hind!

  7. Thanks Team Anna, Ryka, Prasanth and others for sharing your thoughts with aamjunta.
    @Prasanth: You are very true. Media is some time most irresponsible and selfish. One may not generalize “media”, but the people in media are the culprit. They unnecessary call people who have never done any thing good in their life time and are not interested even as “experts” and sought their opinion, just to tarnish the image of the people who are fighting for a cause and to divide the mass. Some time they hijack the entire process.

    @Ryka: You rightly pointed out the “mass” and self-discipline. It has to start from the family level, and from the individual level. Though it is difficult, it is still possible.

    @Team Anna: Right! Anna alone cannot do any thing if we the “aamjunta” do not want. Moreover, we need to understand, for whom a 74 year old man is fighting? and why? The answer to these 2 questions will definitely take us to Anna’s fight against corruption.

  8. Well put from an excellent blogger

  9. i noe dat we have 2 b united 2 bring abt a revolution.i also noe dat d country’s youth is capable of making a difference.We all can,will n must strive for d india dat gandhiji once dreamt of.I m v sure dat if we join hands no power in dis universe can stop us frm achieving our goal.

  10. I m glad 2 see dat we still have patriotism in our hearts.Lets do it TOGETHER n show every1.

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