Chance Pe Dance – Beyond Indo-Pak World Cup Cricket

With the win of Quarter Final Match against Ricky Pointing‘s Australian’s team, Men in Blue have cleared their path for a semi-final berth against Pakistan at Mohali on 30th March, 2011.  Interestingly, though Pakistan was mostly written-off and was termed “underdog” by their own commentators, they have proved every one wrong. Even though they lost badly to New Zealand, their overall performance is good and competitive. Moreover, their Captain Shahid Afridi has shown his character as a Captain – a leader, the leading bowler of the ICC World Cup 2011.

So far as Men in Blue are concerned, they have also shown a good fighting character. Demigod Sachin, Yuvraj, Raina, Kohli, Sehwag and Gambhir have proved their inclusion into the team as batsmen; Zahir, Ashwin and Harbhajan have proved their inclusion into the team as bowlers. Others have also done their job, though still not upto mark; wish everyone prove in the Semifinal and Final :). Wish the history repeats this time also, and the mighty India wins in the Semi Final against the united Pakistan.

That is all about future… a superb fighting semifinal on card, for the viewers, for the diplomats, for the cricket commentators, for the news channels, for the aamjunta and for Dr. Manmohan SinghMr. Gilani, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Mr. Ambani and many others. Every one is busy to reap some thing out of it. Hotels in Chandigarh are full at 3-times rate, tickets are sold at an exuberant price of Rs 1,00,000/- per ticket, NSGs deployed around the stadium, no-fly zone around Chandigarh, world-media is busy with Breaking News and advertisement rates have soared by at-least 10-times. That is not the end of the story… on an invitation from Dr. Manmohan Singh, Pakistan PM Mr. Gilani will also watch this “clash” from the stadium. He will be accompanied by more than 5000 Pakistani fans to watch the Clash of Titans.

On an un-usual note, home secretaries of both the countries are meeting on the back drop of this event, hoping for a bi-lateral engagement and confidence building measure. On a confidence building measure, Pakistan President Mr. Zardari has remitted the remaining jail term of Mr. Gopal Dass, an Indian prisoner lodged in Lahore jail for the last 27 years. Hope there is some more confidence building measure by both the countries. An Internet joke doing the rounds quotes the Pakistani president as responding to Mr. Singh’s gesture with a question: Will Sarah Palin be there? Not only that, the Pakistani media has termed the initiative “Aman ka chakka” or “sixer for peace.”

And in aamjunta’s word it is “Chance pe Dance, every one wants to score a six on the first ball and dance on the chance they are getting through Sachin-Sohaib or Sachin-Afridi or Yuvi-Afridi clash, a life-time entertainment and an would be chapter in Indo-Pak history. It is just beyond cricket and beyond everyone’s imagination.

Wish all the best to both the teams and to the cricket diplomacy. I am sure, aamjunta will also enjoy the match from the stadium or in cinema halls or in bars or in drawing room. A half-day in most of the places on card. As an Indian… I pray for India’s win in this world cup, Chakk de India….  🙂

Jai Hind!

11 Responses

  1. I strongly feel that both the countries should show maturity at-least this time. Pakistan has do a lot, and has to show some vision. For Manmohan Singh, it is the right time to come out from all Scams and media and opposition attacks.

    On cricket: Though I wish for India’s win, a loss should not be heart breaking. Let us accept cricket – loss and win are part and partial of the game. This time no communal disturbance please, in Kolkata, in Ahmedabad, in Mumbai and in many other place. Police force and security will be on toe.

    To aamjunta: Aaman ke Chakka, is the dance on chnace 🙂

  2. Above all, “entertainment” and “sportsman spirit” gotta be the buzz words – before, during and after the match. It should come from both the teams, from the crowd, from the commentators, from the media and from everyone watching the game. Let the arch rivalry between the teams ignite the lamp in the hearts of millions of cricket-enthusiasts only. It should not matter who wins or loses, or the match ends in a tie !

    Let’s ignore the media gossip of all tensed & stalled Indo-Pak “formal” talks hopefully getting stirred, post this Match. Instead, let the whole world simply sit & enjoy this World Cup moments in the very spirit of some fantastic game of Cricket… Cheers !!!

  3. Nice article sir. Its nice if a sport can trigger more rolling of money: good for economy. Lets hope that the match will turn out be a stunning cracker. The only one concern I have about this match is that the media is trying to show that its a fight between two countries, or its a war, or nothing should be taken lightly of that sort. Come on its just a game that should build rapport between nations. Sport should be viewed as a sport, but not a war. Lets not fall to the trap of media’s disguised words for their own use, rather lets enjoy the show.

  4. Thanks anonymous, Ryka and SSC for your comments.

    @anonymous: Yes, it is “aman ki chakka” ; Lets wait and see where does the ball touch the ground – in the VIP lounge or in the aamjunta’s galery 🙂

    @Ryka: Indian and Pakistan media are always like that. They are also dancing on the chance. Thank God, so far no SCAMs…

    @SSC: Let cricket wins, and let the cricket diplomacy brings normalcy. I think both Indo-Pak players know how to handle this “Pressure-cooker” situation.

  5. doubt there is gonna be any progress in the indo-pak ties for peace in the back drop of this match!

  6. Definitely there will be a breakthrough in relationship between the countries. But, I doubt about the sustainability of such breakthrough – a quite before storm? Let cricket the common religion between the two countries flourish and let there be good business and entertainment!

    I do not want predict and do not want to know the prediction, Octopus Paul is no more there and I do not believe on others :). Wish a good nail biting match and India wins 🙂

  7. This is good info for me. Author – respect!


  9. With India’s worldcup win and IPL (Idiot Paisa League) in place, cricketers are earing (awards also) in crores and awards are just free flowing (bungalow, cash, free travel, cars etc) for them.

    In the same country, each fireman gets a paltry of 100 rupees as AWARD from the same government for their brave and non-stop fighting to SAVE people during the Mangalore Crash. SHAME SHAME SHAME… Grow up politicians and Babus…


  10. now a different kind of “Chance pe Dance” about to unfold in Pakistan… Sharif’s PML (N) is leading, followed by Imran’s PTI… then hopefully, we all will see “aman-ki-asha” for both India & Pakistan, in true sense………… picture abhi baki hai, dost 🙂

  11. Another kind of “chance pe dance” – this time with Prisoners in Pakistan. ToI + Jang’s “aman-ki-asha” is becoming a reality.

    Like India, Pakistan is also equally crazy about IPL. The breaking news in Jang says “Pune take Kolkata down with them”

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