Top 10 New Year Wishes of an Ammjunta

Dear Fellow Aamjunta,

I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2011. As an aamjunta like you I dream, I wish and I want to live and let live… Though the list of my new year wishes are never ending, here are the top Ten New Year wishes for myself, for you and for all fellow Indians.

  1. No to Corporate Lobbyists and let the industries/organization do not have Nira(s), Barkha(s), Raja(s), Raju(s) and Arjun(s) please; everything are in record 🙂
  2. At-least 1/365 day Scam-Free News in Indian News (TV) Channels.
  3. At-least “one major case solved” completely by CBI.
  4. At-least one day in the Parliament with “Full Attendance“, not to vote for a government or opposition, but for usual business.
  5. Let quality prevail in Indian Education system; not caste, religion, money, corruption and politics.
  6. No more deaths please during VIP’s visits because of all roads are closed; be that during PM or President’s visit.
  7. Live and let live; enough of killing by Maoists, terrorists, political drama and regionalisms.
  8. No killings, no stone pelting and no burning of Public Properties in Any strike/bandh by political parties or groups.
  9. All trains diverted/changed timings due to Maoists scare in various parts of India to run in the usual routes.
  10. At-least one day shramadan for the country by every Indian.

Aamjunta, what are your new year wishes… Do share.. and do not forget to share your new year resolutions.

Jai Hind

9 Responses

  1. I would be very happy if at least one out of ten become a reality. God Bless you.

  2. Beautiful analysis of the socio-political situation of current India.Wish all the 10 wishes be fulfilled in 2011.

  3. Good thoughts…

    11. Let respective authorities increase number of counters and strengthen infrastructure at the Public service branches (hospitals, banks, post-offices, ticket counters, revenue departments, etc.). This will save the country many cascading man-effort hours !!

    12. Vedic education should be a compulsory part in the curriculum of all schools in the land – academics as well as in social activities.

    13. Like many developed countries, every youth must get at least the minimal training from the Defense institutions. And they must be obligated..and equally encouraged to come forward, as & when required by their motherland.

  4. i think people should take at least one of these as a new year resolution!!

  5. Thanks Ritu, Santosh, Ryka and Edmund for your comments.

    @Ryka: Yes, you are very right. We the youth should be part of our national army and participate in nation building.

  6. On Record…

    1. Wish the Indian print media do not get involved like the TV media.

    2. Wish many more Kalmadis; which only let us waking up..


  7. Mega-scams, corruption at every inch, callousness, delayed trials/justice and increasing unsafely situations for the common man (woman/girl-child in particular)……….
    With such additions & multiplications, Aamjunta’s wish-list for a clean administration has rather slipped down on the negative scales 🙂 …Very miserable state, indeed – God save the country !!

  8. Probable 2012 List 🙂

    1. Lokpal in action.
    2. 100th Century of Sachin Tendulkar.
    3. No-child-death in Kolkata Hospitals
    4. and… Happy and Joyful life for all…

  9. Unfortunately, the list got worse (qualitatively & quantitatively) by 2013…

    1. Need complete overhaul of our Foreign Policy !!!
    2. Need a strong political party “firmly led” by clear, disciplined, focussed and progressive ideologies; especially an Opposition party challenging the working or performance of the present central govt.
    3. Need a quick adjustment of our Police-to-public ratio (also cut down their VIP duties) and modernization of Police dept. infrastructure.
    4. Need more Lawyers and Judges to handle thousands of pending cases.
    5. Need more anti-Pollution drives.
    6. Need more Public support and active participation almost in every aspect- political (including casting vote), social or economic. The issues still faced by India are both of a micro and macro nature which can be better addressed by involving people as one of the important stakeholders.

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