Humanity at the Cost of Safety and Life?

In the hot summer if some one comes to your door step and asks for some drinking water, then what will you do?

You will give water and serve! Right!, “Atithi Devo Bhaba“, That is the usual manab dharm or to say humanity.

Hold on…

Let me narrate some of the incidents first, then you can answer for yourself.

Recently, a young couple, very well-dressed, were selling papad and some house-hold things in various parts of Bhubaneswar. They visited door to door, went to some one’s house at about 12.30 pm on a working day of an early summer. They went to some one’s house and pressed the calling bell. On hearing the bell, the lady of the house came to her door to check who is there and inquired from the couple what is the matter. Like many people, she also did not show any interest in buying those products. She was a newly married lady, well dressed with a nice saree and gold ornaments. She was about to close her door, the saleswoman requested her to give some drinking water. And as a matter of humanity or manab dharm, the house-owner lady called the sales-lady to her verandah and went home for water. She did not know what eventuality was following her. The sales couple followed her, bolted the front gate without anyone’s knowledge. They simply went to the kitchen and put the lady of the house on gun-point. It was too late for the lady of the house to understand what was happening. She could not do any thing; just gave them all her ornaments, cash and other valuables. In no time her house was looted by a couple who posed as marketing agents or sells person and that too exploit the hot summer. Bringing drinking water for them on a hot summer become a nightmare for her.

This is not one isolated incident, rather one of many such frauds, loots and cheating happening in various parts of our country. There are reports, that couples book train tickets (AC/Non-AC) and travel all along from Mumbai to Bhubaneswar or from Delhi to Puri or from Delhi to Patna or from Delhi to Howrah…; on long distance trains. They just gel with their co-passengers and make sure that no one doubts their behaviour at any point of time. They talk, eat, discuss and even share many things of their life, family and various other issues. They not only exchange their residence addresses (false address) they even share their bogus telephone numbers. They pose as responsible individuals and become friendly with their co-passengers in no time.  But friendship with them becomes a costly affair for many people in that carriage. They use some chemicals or medicines and make sure that their co-passengers get deep sleep on the 2nd night (long distance trains such as Konark Express, Purusottam Express, Howrah Mail etc., usually takes 36+ hours). This helps them to loot their new-friends. They simply vanish from the train after taking some valuables, bags and belongings of their co-passengers in  the night.  No one will have even any doubt, even if one sees them alighting from the train with bags and baggage. They ensure that they get down one or two station before their last stop and choose their prey with maximum care.

Sometime it is also observed that these couples aim very high, do not loot their prey on the train. Rather, they get down decently in their chosen stop. But afterwards, they start communicating with their new friends/co-passengers. These criminals invite them for vacation parties, and visit them frequently at their homes. In a month or two through them, they create a new bond with many other families. And on one fine day, they fool everyone by winning their trust, loot them as the 1st couple did on the hot summer or in  different innovative methods.


Aamjunta, now tell me…  what is your answer,  give water or not?

After going through some recent reports on News Papers and TV, one will seriously think whether to give water or not. One should seriously think his/her safety first and then manab dharm or humanity…”Atithi Devo Bhava” . Many such incidents are happening in an alarming rate in the city. Unless, we the aamjunta keep an eye on such kind of couples and activities, we ourselves will be in problem. Who knows, who is their next pray. Be very careful aamjunta. Though it is right that “all our friends were strangers“, we need to be very careful wile dealing with strangers, be it in train or market. But, that does not mean that we will misbehave them or show our arrogance. Treat them with care, but at the same time keep an eye on their activities.

Note: I personally still believe that we should follow manab dharm, but with care. Belief should be with reason and facts, not blind. And I still want to practice “Atithi Devo Bhaba“, but with due care.

Satyameva Jayate


17 Responses

  1. Good alert note !

    Another point from a big incident in my hometown, almost 20yrs years back….. A group of dacoits kept visiting a locality, particularly one rich house. They disguised themselves as vagabond vendors of kitchen-wares, sarees, gems & cosmetics. There were teenagers, men, women and old folks in the group. While selling wares, they talked very lucidly and built a rapport with the ammas, betis & bahus in that rich family. No one doubted because children and old grandpas/grandmas were very much involved in the sweet talks (and especially in those days). They successfully gathered information on that house premises, on their neighbours, on when the men in the house go out & come in, etc.etc. One ill-fated night, this rich house was badly looted and even a fierce gun-battle was there, badly wounding men in the house !! …The police traced out the whole story later through a teenager caught from that gang….. But perhaps nothing more was or could be done.

    Quick lessons:
    1. never let such people step-in.
    2. if you have to check something inside your house, first lock them out…..and possibly have someone watch them from somewhere.
    3. never share any information with them.
    4. check their ID-cards, etc. if you have to do your duty as a responsible citizen (polling, census, voting type things).
    5. be aware of such alerts (tv, emails, news casts, etc).
    6. check properly what they sell or promote before you buy or take it inside your house (you really don’t have to oblige them at this type of life-risk !).
    7. be polite but watchful & prompt to act !!!

    To all – keep adding….

  2. Hats off Aamjunta.

    @ Ryka : Rightly said. I too have faced such kind incidents in our village.

    @aamjunta : Thank you for alerting our fellow aamjuntas. What is your next post? Can I suggest?

    1. 30% Reservation for women in Loksabha
    2. Open Universities in India vs. Foreign Universities
    3. Naxlite Movement in Orissa
    4. and … any new story 🙂 will keep watching

  3. Thanks Ryka and Suchi.

    @Ryka- Interesting addition to this post. Thanks a lot.

    @Suchi- Thanks a lot. Will see if I can write on your suggestions.

  4. Hi,

    Good post, by the way, why every thing is happening in Bhubaneswar? Kabhi mumbai ya pune ya hyderbad ka bhi likhye..

    Thanks for the awareness drive.



  5. Eye opener for me!!! Normally I’m not that vigilant during my train journeys and I don’t even carry a chain which is used to lock the baggages :(…I usually believe people who are friendly with me in the train though I don’t give any contact numbers. Nevertheless this post brought me to the light of such incidents related to the train journeys, thanks to aamjunta .

  6. I am sad to hear such news. I am in for manab dharma if it comes at cost my house or property. I can’t deny humanity for some cheats. But need to be cautious.

  7. Thanks aamjunta for the insightful article. A similar incident happened with me when I was traveling from Hyderabad to Kolkata. Mostly it happens between khurda Road – Balasore, and I have lost my bag.

    A similar story was published in ToI today. Interested readers may go through this.

  8. I need to live first, then only I can help others. So, safety of life is first. These days, life becomes difficult in train, in bus, in home and in many places. you never know, who is good and who is bad

  9. I hate my mom for doing this, but I guess she is being cautious. What she does is she asks the person to wait, closes the door completely, gets the water and gives it to the salesperson. Sometimes, the person gets offended and leaves. Others wait. You feel guilty on treating people like this, but nowadays one cannot help but be cautious.

  10. Very Nice Post in order to make the society more aware of such incidents..Even I encountered one such incident when I was travelling from Bangalore to Guwahati by train,The woman was robbed all her valuables

  11. A good post and one more reminder that people should be more careful about their safety than the Values of life. A thousand gimmicks are played by these goons and thugs to loot unaware people. One should be on guard these days.

  12. Well said. Self safety is first. These days, especially in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities the number of crimes against old couple staying alone in their flats after retirement and ladies staying in their houses are increasing. At least the daily newspaper articles and 24/7 news channels say that. Last week it happened in Mumbai, when the Pizza boy attacked a young lady at home, and before that another young lady was killed by the security person.

    After seeing all, I am confused – what is right and what is wrong. How much precaution I should keep!! – case by case basis only!!

  13. Nice Post. . .

  14. A guy once came asking for some donation to feed the poor, first time pregnant (brain missing) I asked him do you have change, he said yes and I handed him a 500 rupee note, he said my friend is in the neighbours house and went to get change….that was the end of the money. Truly an eye opener and sometimes only if you know the ‘athithi’ you should treat them properly otherwise be safe.

  15. प्रभावी !!!

  16. Similar incidents are happening in different regions over the entire nation…I wonder if our police forces are capable of anything apart from worthless patrolling and inadequate chalans…interrogating innocents for no reason whatsoever!
    Don’t know what’s going on in my country, feel sorry for myself!

  17. Subsequently, after spending many hours on the internet at last We’ve uncovered an individual… wonderful post. 🙂

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