Ghosts vs. Tantrik – a life-time Experience

Have you heard of Ghosts?

Have you seen them? How do they look?

Do you know how to tame them? Excuse me! I don’t know how to tame ghosts? Even I don’t know whether ghosts are there or not? But, yes I definitely know how to tame the Owner of Ghosts – the Tantrik!

Confused!  Relax 🙂 Let me share some of my experiences and narrating the story of the taming of the Tantrik.

It was late 90’s. I was just completing my 3rd year of Engineering and taking Summer Training at Cuttack. I had a short vacation of a couple of days in between from the practical training and as usual thought of spending time at home. I left for home one Friday morning. Took the early morning bus from Cuttack and reached at about 8.30 am in my village. It is a small and educated village, located some 100 km South-East of Bhubaneswar. Even though  education had reached every family of the village,  superstitious thinking was still prevalent. Quite a number of  people had belief on Ghosts and Tantriks. In fact, some of the Tantriks were working as school teachers in the village primary schools.  I used to listen to many interesting stories on ghosts and taming of ghosts by sadhus or tantriks. Like every Indian village, we too had small village manadapa (stage) where we used to sit, chat or discuss and have fun in the evening. In addition, we also had many other interesting stories to listen to. Some explained their experiences and their conversations with Gods or with ghosts and some performed Pujas to get rid of them. But, there were some people, who did not believe – either on the ghosts or on the tantriks.

Incidentally, that day some relative of one of our uncles had come to visit the family in our village. As per this gentleman’s versions, he was quite well-known in the surrounding villages as a Tantrik – who could tame ghosts, made these spirits work and even employ ghosts for his house-hold work and farming.  That evening, while he was narrating his experiences, I just dropped-in; could not control my curiosity and sat there to listen to his stories. What I could gather from his narrations was that he had tamed some 100 odd ghosts in the last ten years or so. He had visited many villages and even the capital city of Odisha to catch dangerous, interesting, naughty and mischievous ghosts. Precisely, all type of ethereal beings lived and encircled him and he appeared  the master of the world of spirits. We were there,  some 20 young people listening to him intently, in addition  some senior citizens too hovered around him in interest and awe, respectfully standing with folded hands and muttering silent prayers to drive away any evil spirit encircling them. Every one including me were  mesmerized by his stories. At about 9.30 pm, he left for dinner and so did the other people. Interestingly, three of my friends did not go. They were discussing some thing, and whispering some thing among each other. No one could get an inkling because they were very softly murmuring and giggling. Everyone thought that they had decided to go to sneak away for the late night cinema show at the nearest theater in the town.

However, these people were not conspiring for the night show. In fact, they collected 3 white Sarees and three small battery operated small bulbs (red in colour) and got ready with their plan. They were hiding somewhere near the uncle’s home. They knew that this ‘tantrik uncle’ will wake up to go to the loo sometime after mid-night. And that happened, Tantrik uncle woke up at about 12.30 am and opened the front gate of the house to go for a bowel cleansing. In our village that time there were hardly any concrete bathroom and mostly a temporary arrangement was made in front of the homes, because backyards were supposed to be infested with ghosts and spirits, who would pounce on you if you venture out at night.

Just when the uncle opened the thatch door, within no time the three friends reached his gate covered with white Sarees with red-glowing bulbs inside the mouth. They started making noises and dancing like ghosts in front of the Tantrik uncle. In no time, the Tantrik uncle screamed, howled and fell down and fainted! Only thing he was blabbering before falling down was bhoooooo bhoooo bhhooootttt….. 🙂

Seeing him helpless and realizing the condition of the Tantrik uncle, the three friends changed their attire and took him to the nearest hospital. It took hours for him to get his sense back. He was tensed and and even did soil his dhoti :). That whole night he was blabbering bhoot, bhoot…. …

He was discharged from the hospital in the early morning and was taken back to his relative’s place. That whole day, he did not come out from his home and whenever someone asked him, what happened, he said, “there are three tall and big ghosts in your village, they tried to kill me last night”. And when some one asked him, how come a seasoned Tantrik like him is getting threatened by ghosts?, how come these ghosts are not getting tamed? To that he politely said, “whatever I said before were lies, and I have not seen a single ghost till yesterday“. Fooling people in the name of ghosts and taming them was just his profession and was the source of income. But, yes, he added “of course there were three ghosts last night“. 🙂

I could not control my laugh when I heard the entire story. Poor uncle, he had to disclose the truth and the poor superstitious aamjunta.

Saying all these things and narrating a story from my experiences was not only meant to entertain. There are some points which we need to look into deeper. No one will deny how superstitious we are, irrespective of our education and up-bringing! Many times we believe on fairy tales without even realizing what we are listening to. Listening or believing these kinds of superstitious things is not the end and may not be all that harmful. However, many of us  spend millions of rupees on these things, exploit people in the name of beliefs and superstition, fight with each other and some time even kill innocent people as sacrifice (bali) because of our fancies, fantasies and whims. Some believe on ghosts and some on tantriks, and some on both.

Aaamjunta – what do you think of this “tantrik” practices? Do you believe on Ghosts or Tantriks? or is it none 🙂

10 Responses

  1. Interesting blog …..
    Am agree that there are so many superstitious people among us though educated.But personally I believe in ghosts and tantra.I think ghost is one form soul and tantra is a science to treat them.But sometimes people around us misinterpret that.
    For so many days we were waiting for something related to spirit. And it came.We expect more on concrete spirituality like on God,on our scriptures……..

  2. accidentally visited your blog while searching some thing else. i think it was a blessing disguise 🙂 interesting one. likhte raho

    comments: i like your presentation style and choosing small but important points of our society. many of us are superstitious (including the (in)famous cricketers) and do illogical jobs many times, which we should not.

  3. bone-tickling attempt!!!! totally hillarious~~3 CHEERS 4 aamjunta 😛
    On one hand geeks like pranav mistry are introducing sixth-sense technology….& on the other extreme people are generously feeding tantrik babas 🙂

  4. good one hemant da…

  5. Interesting Story. These tantriks are mostly found in villages but now since ghosts are migrating to cities, tantriks are also found in cities. Dont understand how educated people are also believing tantriks and ghosts.

    Anyway nice article. keep it up.


  6. Thank you all for your encouragement. Hope this article will help the aamjunta for a non-superstitious life 🙂

  7. Sacrifice or Murder?…

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  8. Very coool!!! this article will help people to know that these ghosts and tantriks are all bhogus. Very nice article.Keep it up!!!!!


  10. Ghosts are of many form. It is just not in the dark, people loot in the broad day light. 🙂

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