“Married and my Husband has no other wife living”: Bigamy in India!

While browsing through the Placement Blog, I came across Coal India Limited’s Management Trainee Joining Form. It is a 26-page document with so many blanks to fill in declarations, personal details and professional details, etc. But, what surprised me is the declaration that the new employee has to sign at the time of joining:

  • That I am married and have only one wife living.
  • That I am married and my husband has no other wife living.
CIL MT Joining Declaration

CIL MT Joining Declaration

I was wondering, how come the wife will declare that her husband has no more wives? Does that imply, that a female trainee can have more than one living husband? 🙂 Moreover, does she know every thing about her husband’s life and personal relationships? Why does the employer need to ask such kind of questions?, which has more to do with the personal life than the professional one. How does disclosure of marriage help in seeking better employees?

If this is the law of the land, that your husband should have only one living wife, then how come Chief Minister(s), Central and State Minister(s) have multiple living wives? Not only that, there are enough sitting MPs and MLAs, who have multiple living wives. Changing religion to have multiple wives is also seen these day. Even Celebrities and Film Stars too have multiple simultaneous relationships – legally and illegally. Is it a fashion meant only for people who can afford it?  Is it a necessity for power game? I am not going to write the huge list of people who have multiple (living) marriages here. This is because, I do not want to encroach some one’s private life and make that public. It is not a personal vendetta, rather an ideological battle.

There are couple of questions which came into my mind.

  1. If it is considered as a part of law under IPC under Hindu Marriage Law to have only one living wife, then what prevents the state machinery to block them from power? Is it not a double standard?
  2. How can people (netas/leaders) with multiple wives decide whether their followers will have one or more wives? I mean to say, that most of these people in power wield these laws meant for aamjunta, when they themselves break these laws.

Aamjunta, what do you think?

Note: I do not advocate the thought of Bigamy or polyandry.

19 Responses

  1. The points raised in this blog are succint and well written on whole.. Aamjunta too thinks these double standards are doing no good..

  2. Hehehehe…. Funny but Interesting..
    That means Women having multiple Husbands living are eligible and
    disqualify Muslims where more than 1 wife is permitted even in IPC. ?/ 😦

    See now a days womens are encouraged in all cases. ok. That is not a problem. The Only thing is that In India if you see Only the males are targeted.

    PS:: week end fun.. not to be taken seriously..It’s comedy.

  3. Oho…. have seen such forms before. Quite funny forms and interesting observations by aamjunta. Is there any respite from such kind of double standards?

  4. aamjunta ki jai ho 🙂
    how can you find such interesting things from scraps? amazing 🙂

    heard that there are some rules in madhya pradesh… that some one cannot contest local elections, if he/she has more than two children. why cannot that be implemented in lok/rajya sabha?

  5. Funny..but interesting

  6. Nice topic to hear which is something unusual..

    Still there is long run to go for us to make the law and order equal for the common people…

  7. Well… a while back, I had come across an article… carrying a report… that a “handicap quota” job (that of a driver) was given to a “visually challenged” person. On being queried by the reporter on this anomaly… the authorities in question did not find anything amiss… since it was a “handicap quota” and the person was handicapped… !!!

  8. nice one to bring to notice…keep posting…

  9. nice observation, u deserve that job for this observation, provided if u like it.

  10. Some of our IPCs /Amendments are really big jokes !!!

    On the lighter side… I think the employer needs to know this to streamline & regulate its HR policies like an employee’s reimbursement, compensations, loan /sponshorship schemes, productivity at work, ability to stretch, leave period, etc. Hence the word “living” as bills would matter only then ! 🙂

    Now, does it mean if a female trainee can have more than one living husband… ? Hmmn, it seems so & that’s really funny..If we dig, may be we’ll discover another approved reservation for an Indian woman 🙂 …On the logical side, a big reason for the one-sided clause could be to check population growth ! Not sure but going by stats in our country, it apparently appears to be so.

  11. Take a look at this report:


    Where do we stand today? Are these people civilized? When do we need to wakeup?

  12. Bigamy is treated as moral turpitude and employers want to know if at any time in the past, the employee got accused / convicted of one. It is perceived that moral turpitude increases the risk of fraudulent behavior in employees.

    Asking if the husband has more than 1 wife is strange.

  13. The Topic is indeed funny but important and there is no doubt that the Laws are made for common people and it does not implies to our Political Group who on their will break and make any laws

  14. This happens only in India. What more can we expect? Just wondering how did you find that? Good observation.

  15. Valid questions.
    Wonder which educated person made this questionnaire. 🙂

  16. this was rather a post that made me smile 🙂 here power bends all norms as conveniently as Tsunami washes away cars buildings 🙂

  17. What a post, hats off to you. Short but crisp. Loved the thought, we have traffic jams in our metro because our ex cm would be travelling from one wives home to others. Equality and justice for all should be followed in India keeping in mind one and all not just the middle and lower class people, who are easy scapegoats for any and every rule.

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