Want to charge your mobile phone?

Let me ask you a simple question.

“If you want to charge your mobile (mobile phone), what will you do?”

Think about it and write your answer in a piece of paper before reading further.

In fact, this was a question put to us by one of our friends during one of our time-pass sessions at breakfast table in the hostel mess. The answers were more or less similar and straight forward. I also participated in that conversation, which went in for some 15/20 minutes. Then some of us became curious and inquired about the real motive behind the question.

With a smile on his face, he answered, “If I needed to charge my mobile (and didn’t have a charger or didn’t know anyone), then, I’ll open the fire hydrants and will wait for some one to come and close that”.

For a moment no one could understand a thing. On seeing our blank and serious faces, he narrated a small incident that happened with him and his friend couple of days back.

The story goes like this:

As usual, they (both friends) were on their way to IDC canteen (a popular tea center on the top floor of IDC building, inside IIT Bombay campus) for tea. Suddenly they saw water flowing out from the fire hydrant located near the building. Initially, they thought may be some one has opened that for watering the plants or some thing else as there was no sign of any fire in the vicinity. But, they could not find any person (gardener or fireman) working there.

After waiting for a couple of minutes for someone to come, they decided to close the fire hydrant as water was getting wasted unnecessarily. And they went near the hydrant and closed that. But, while closing, they saw a man standing slightly far off and monitoring their movements. Before they could understand any thing, the person came and said, “Oh! you want to save water!! That’s good, but I had opened this hydrant”. Both friends could not understand a thing or his motive behind the action of opening the hydrant for no reason. They asked with a surprised tone, “why did you open?” He casually answered, “actually… I want my mobile to be charged, that’s why I’ve opened this”. His answer was just totally out of blue — something one can never ever imagine. Showing an angry and unpleasant face to that gentleman was the only thing our friends could do at that time ; they angrily left for tea at IDC without any more conversation with him. Neither the person requested them for any help, nor he had any more conversation with them. He too vanished  the next moment.

After listening to this story, we started analysing the motive of the gentleman. Many things came to our mind, but the most important and unanimous reason that came then was seeking attention”. Probably he was seeking attention of  passersby by opening the fire hydrant, such that he can ask for some help from them.

Many of us agreed on this point at the breakfast table and dispersed either to our rooms or to our respective departments.

I was on my way to the dept. While returning, the key point that came to mind is “attention seeking”. This is very common not only in human beings, but also in animals. Among human beings, children and fair-sex are high attention seekers 🙂 . If you do not give enough attention to your wife/girlfriend/girl-friend then, you need to be very careful and prepared for their retaliatory reaction, which might some time be fatal 😦 . That does not happen though in the case of kids. They need attention from their parents or close relatives, as they do not have a big circle to interact with and also, they have not explored the bigger world. Giving attention to them is a must, else that may result some time in psychological problems.

With some deviation, one can say, strikes, chakka jam, politically motivated statements, terror attacks etc., too are some form of attention seeking actions. It is true, that every one seeks attention, be in home or in work place. The motive might be different, but the phenomena is somehow similar in all such cases. Some times the method of attention seeking and giving is not very healthy, whereas some times it is necessary. Somehow, it completely depends upon the giver and seeker.

So, aamjunta, what about you? seeking attention or giving attention?

But, remember, next time when you need to charge your mobile, do not search for a fire hydrant 🙂 …

6 Responses

  1. Nice one with good message but sorry, I am stuck @ that fire hydrant.. Y didn’t he ask for help when ur frnds approached? Neither he ask for an help or nor a charger. Then for what he wants to grab ppls attention.??

    may be u can update once u guys find the answer.. 🙂

  2. Attention!!!!!!!!!! well thats something that i have encountered a lot in my lab. People want to gain attention of the junta around and the supervisor so they will go out of their way to make things difficult for the people around them just to prove that they are great and phenominal contributors to the lab.

  3. It is so nice but I do’nt understand why he asked for an Fire Hydrant rather a charger. I think he wants to charge his mobile through fire.Is it not? Seeking attention is very dangerous rather giving attention so go ahead…..

  4. Well, I belong to the “fair-sex” (though the word is not appropriate-what about the ladies who are not fair? 😉 ). I think attention-seeking is an inherent quality of human beings — females and males alike. As little kids, when we were hungry and our mom’s are busy, we did something or the other to draw their attention. When your Girlfriend/girl-friend and boyfriend/boy-friend is paying all attention to some other interesting character, then also you do things to seek their attention.
    So, the moral of the story: “attention-seeking is every person’s inherent quality and there’s no gender bias in it” 🙂

  5. Thanks to Balu, Bijay, Eddy and Anne for sharing your thoughts. And asking for the fire hydrant, not the mobile charger still seems to be a big question 🙂 may be that gentleman can answer, if he reads this article, and explain us what actually went on his mind 🙂

  6. Yes i want to charge my mobile…!!!
    Such a fantastic cook method of raising attention is one of the unique kind..Nice to see a colour thought of representation of mobile charging…..

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