Main Hoon Na!/ Koi Hai Na!

Every time I get bugged by my friends regarding my marriage, and my would be, I simply smile mischievously and answer, “arreh, ho jayega, koi na koi toh mil hi jayega, abhi toh dhunda nahini, dundhna toh suru karu!”. That simple answer has created many interesting discussions and fun in the last four/five years. With my confident answer, some think, “he has some thing, else how can he say like this?” But the truth is, “no one is there, but, I believe, will get some one” 🙂 Do you think I only say these things without actually believing? No, it is quite common, many of us say the same thing in some way or the other, for some thing or the other. And then life goes on…

Actually, some thing or some one is there in store for every thing/every one. Nothing is isolated, nothing is alone! Every problem has some solution, only if one tries his/her best. And, even if it is not there, we still live with a hope that some thing will happen miraculously on some or other day of our lives. Some people also call it hope. Every one of us live with some faith and some belief, and the universe is existing on that basis. You can name it God or parents or friends or some one very close to you, but it is (they are) always there to help at the time of your need. But, one has to know whose help and what kind of help he/she requires. For an instance, one should know what key word should be used to search through a search engine like Google.

A friend might be any one or any thing, and some times might happen that you your self are your best friend. If no one is there by you and you are a non-believer, then don’t worry, your self confidence is there. There is a Bengali song making such a statement: “jadi tor daak sune keyo na aashe tohbe aekla chalo re”. One has to help himself first, then the other. Without self confidence, nothing can be done; the kid can’t walk, the pilot can’t fly and even I can’t write and you can’t read :). Self confidence is the most crucial thing which one can experience at every part of his/her life. If you do not have the self confidence, then how can you lead a team?, how can you direct some one?, how can you save some one? and how can you survive?. Once you realize and understand the inherent force within you, you will start achieving your goals. Without self confidence, Alexander could not have conquered the world, Mahatma Gandhi could not have led the nation for independence, Kapildev could not have scored 175 not out against Zimbabwe and won the world cup. It is more important and desired to try for the (n+1)’th time if you fail on the n’th time; success will be bound to come to you if you are honest in your approach, no matter how difficult it is. Mistakes or failures are part and parcel of life. One should not get demoralized by the failures, instead should learn from the failures to try for another success.

For a society to survive and to grow, belief and faith are essential. With faith and belief we live, the patient survives and doctor operates. One has to believe, else can’t live. Without the faith of the public (aamjunta) the govt can’t work, law can’t be enforced, country can’t prosper. Belief is a state of one’s mind and faith is the fire in one’s heart; they are complementary to each other. Once faith and belief are multiplied with hard work, dedication and honesty, the success is bound to come. For an instance, war ridden Japan could not have achieved what it has today after the failures of 2nd world war. Faith has to be there from both sides, and needs to be created to provide some evidence. For an instance, researchers and students should have faith on their work and should send their research papers to the world out side the campus with a firm belief. Without sending how can they publish any thing? Fear of rejection should not hold them back from submitting their work for review.

One has to remember, “Acceptance and Rejection are the two sides of a coin, and if you want that coin, then you should learn to live with both acceptance and rejection“. Likewise money brings money, paper brings papers, power brings powers and success brings success. One has to remember, “nothing succeeds like success” and “success never comes alone, it has its step brother failure is with him always”. —- but one has to act with faith and belief.

Ammjunta — what is your opinion? What are you thinking about? Koi na koi to Hai…. nahini to Main Hoon Naaaaaaaaaa 🙂

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