Pehle Aap, Pehle Aap — Zindegi ki Gaadi Chhut Jayegi

“Mujhe Kuchh Kahena Hai …. Mujhe bhi Kuchh Kahena Hai…..
Pehle Tum, Pehle Tum …. Pehle Tum, Phele Tum …..
Tum Dekho, jis Tarha Lukhnow ke do Nawaabon ki Gaadi
Pehle Aap Pehle Aap Pehle Aap Pehle Aap karte Nikal Gayi thi
Us Tarha Hamaari Pehle Tum, Pehle Tum, Pehle Tum
Pehle Tum mein Yeh Masti bhari ruth na Chali Jaaye

These are the melodious, romantic lines of the song from the Bollywood Movie Bobby. This evening I switched on my FM Radio for the cricket updates between India and Pakistan. By mistake, I tuned to some other channel instead of All India Radio where this sweet song was playing. Though initially I thought of changing the knob to All India Radio, on a second thought I felt like listening to the full song. The lines of this song are really touching and practical. The voice of Shailendra Singh and Lata Mangeshkar are in a playful sweetness.

Many memories came into mind; memories of teen age and early adulthood of friends and my own. I became nostalgic and a few faces of friends emerged from the past… The first thing that came into my mind was one of my friend’s failure to have his life with his childhood sweetheart. They were very close, used to share every details of their life. Everybody in their vicinity were in impression that they were in love. But, they were not clear, even though they were feeling the chemistry of love between them. My friend was desperate to express his feelings and tried many times to propose. Finally, one fine day he went to her place under some or the other pretext and expressed his desire and feelings with anticipation. But things had already taken a different course and “nawab sahab ki gadi” had left by that time. With a smile the girl simply turned down the proposal saying she was already in love with some one else and it was too late for her to leave her sweetheart at this stage.

But to his surprise, she added, “I too had the same feelings for you, but was expecting some positive movements from your side for a long time, until I met this guy who proposed me in no time“. My friend felt really angry with himself for delaying it so much and so must have been the case with the girl. Not only the delay mattered, but also his ego kept him away for so long from that moment. Poor guy… Sometimes, a small delay or ego affairs in relationships and friendships can lead to big failures in life.

The other thing that came to my mind was my own old memory of my school days. We were very good friends, used to fight a lot, study together, share everything about our life. We were 1st-2nd in our class. But, something happened… It was my bad luck or some thing like that… I was declared as “failed” in more than 3 subjects and got 18th position among 150 students of my class whereas my friend got the 1st position. I could not believe my ears when the result was announced… “How can that be”? I topped in the Half-yearly exam in my class. Then? … there was some thing wrong, some thing else was being cooked up some where and I was being victimized. Many of my friends were not ready to accept this. Some of my other classmates including my friend knew this before hand, but did not react/open their mouth due to some parental pressure or invidious feelings. I could smell the foul in the game, where so many people were involved.

I could read from my friend‘s face the story behind, though we did not exchange a single word on that day. I could see the (innocent!!) eyes with tears, but could not accept… After rechecking and serious discussions among my teachers, I got a fresh life, declared 2nd, still 3 marks away from the 1st position, made that deliberately. I had accepted that verdict, but could not digest the matter. That was a very small incident of my life, but a big blow between us… We never spoke to each other after that incident. Got a chance to meet and to have few words after two years outside some exam hall at a distant place from our home town. But, again… pehle aap pehle aap… we could not break the ice even though we spent 15 minutes together, the conversation did not happen; and we left for home. We have missed an opportunity of our life to bridge our gap, the gap between two close friends… by a simple ego of pehle aap pehle aap.

These are just a few instances where pehle aap, pehle aap changed the direction of life. It has happened with me, happened with my friends… who knows.. who is the next victim…

Aamjunta be-aware … Pehle Aap, Pehle Aap karoge to Zindegi ki Gaadi Chhut Jayegi !!

18 Responses

  1. It’s a nice writeup and a very rare song choice…u r right ego issues can lead to harmful misunderstandings…good choice of subject…what inspires you to write on these issues?

  2. Thanks anil. The common man inspires me to write this.

  3. Great man. You are touching the subjects close to the heart of aam aadmi. I am lovin it 🙂

  4. Thank you sir. I need your support and encouragement to continue this.

  5. Great Hemant da! I read aam junta blog from day one and this post on “you first” is simply superb. May be it happens when we keep on waiting for things to happen and forget to take the initiative. The person who takes the initiative to overcome the inertia never misses the train.. nahin to pehle app pehle aap mein gaadi sach mein choot jaati hai 🙂

  6. Mine is a reverse case! She proposed but I rejected due to parental scare.Now repenting since it was my first love.Another person proposed later in life, but was too busy, with building a career hence neglected.
    Third case was my ego, about her father not respecting me and so on………………………….

  7. I can relate with this!

    The chemistry was always there, and I was the one who took initiative always. She was indecisive everytime. There came a point, when I decided that it would never happen. I ended it, and the end was bitter. I went in for an arranged marriage within an year’s time thereafter. She did the same, but years later!

    They say “first cut is the deepest!”. That was my first and last cut. It still aches, damn it!

  8. Nicely written….a fine choice of song….can relate it to “The Unspoken” by Anne in Iris, though written much later!

  9. True. I missed my train of my life because of this 😦 waiting and waiting

  10. Very nice indeed..Pehle aap pehle aap karte rahoge to kuch nahi hone wala iss zindagi mein..

  11. Nice musing, loved it. You should listen to Vividh Bharati once in a while to get soulful music from golden era of bollywooed

  12. Wow!! musical?? Nice. Its like who bails the cat?

    These days it is applicable in politics the most.

  13. Sigh!! A lot of us can actually relate to what happened with your friend. Personally, I couldn’t muster courage many times, but then again on hindsight do feel whatever happens, happens for good 🙂

  14. Superb. Waiting for some more in future.

  15. I could ոot refrain from commenting. Well ԝritten!

  16. meri gadi to chhut gayi 😦

  17. Wow. Fascinating viewpoint. I liked how you covered this issue….
    A few things I dont accept but hi… thats a different standpoint.
    I am super keen to examine the next post. Are you able to make the next one more thorough?

    Thanks 🙂

  18. I am not sure where you are getting your info, but great topic. I need to spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for magnificent info. I was looking for this information for my mission.

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